Sims 3 Store – In Game Video of Auto-Pet Feeder

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The Auto-Nom Pet Feeder is the latest Premium Content to hit the Sims 3 Store.  Below is some info and a video showing you it’s functionality.

In Game you can find this Auto-Feeder in the Pet Essentials section of buy mode. There are two options available.  You can add a smart sensor to the food bowl, so that it automatically releases more food when it’s empty.  The other option is quite self explanatory. 😛


❗ Note that if you buy this Content separately or with the Atomic Set, the item will not show up in your game if you DO NOT have the Pets Expansion installed. The item will remain dormant until you have the Pets expansion installed so the “Pet Essentials” section in buy mode appears.


Auto-Noms Auto-Noms


You can also set how often the Auto-Feeder dispenses Food.  If you have a sensor added, it will always refill the bowl once there is no food left. You can always turn off the Auto-Feeder if you want.