Possible Hint to Sims 3 Expansion #6?

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Now with all the obvious hints at Seasons since Base Game, I honestly do not think Weather is coming next. It’s just too obvious! (but hey, I may be wrong!)

One of our members Martys15, has emailed me with a photo of a Tennis Ball in a magic gnome’s mouth. Now this could be nothing at all, or perhaps it’s a hint at EP #6. Remember the baby gnome from Generations? It had a cute Paw Print on it’s back, and of course the next EP was Pets. (which is why I found this photo to be relevant)


Rumors have been flying about the next Expansion being aimed at male players, so can we expect some type of Sports related EP? Not sure why they would think sports are more liked by males. I’m a female gamer and I love sports! 😛 If you really like sports, you can visit sites like UFABET.


So, what are your thoughts?