EA Poland – Uploads Fan made lots…

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Update: These lots are NOT EA Made… 

I am from Poland and I can explain you few things. This stuff is NOT made by EA. When you download it, the description says: “by wafl”. Wafl is one of the people who creats the http://www.simy.pl sim-fans site.

So that’s the reason why there is CC content in it and why the author used “moveobjects on” so many times – because it is made by a sims-fan.  There is a man called Rafał “Wafel” Pepłowski mentioned on the list of the team. “Wafl” is an incorrect translation of Polish “Wafel”. And why this content is on the EA servers?

Because simy.pl co-operates with EA. They have put a link on Late Night’s box to their site (it’s the biggest Polish sims-fan site) and in exchange simy.pl publishes some “official press-notes” from EA about new content in Store or releasing new expansion packs, etc. So I suggest you to be careful with this stuff.


Earlier today SimPrograms posted about the “mysterious” lots that EA Poland had up on their site. Turns out (thanks GlossyGem!) that these lots are a surprise for their Polish Facebook Fans!

To download these 5 lots, head over to  and click the photo. (a zip file will then download with all 5 lots)  The lots contain items from several EP’s and SP’s, so if you are missing any packs, the items will be replaced by Base Game objects.

Our reader Jeff C. wanted some more details on these lots and some in game screens.  Here ya go! 🙂




❗ Only 4 of the 5 lots are showing up in game (Salon is missing). Also note the lots and their descriptions are in Polish.

❗ The new Park & Gym have a cafe/restaurant/register included which sells food.