Screens + Video of Killer Classics Set (Cow Plant)

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First off, I’ll start with the 11 other items the newest Killer Classics Set includes. The bottom portion of this post contains video of the Cow Plant in action, including a detailed write up. Besides the Arcade Machine and Spring Ride, the rest of the items are decor only.

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Screenshot-4 Screenshot-3


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The Spring Rider that belongs to this set can be used by Toddlers & children. It does not have a new special sound when ridden. The Arcade Machine can be used by Children through Elders. Check out the video below. (Direct Video Link here)



The Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (aka: Cow Plant) has several interactions. Children can only “Play with it” and Teenagers through Elders can “Pet, Play With & Feed”. Feeding the Cow Plant will keep it from being hungry and eating other Sims.


Screenshot-10 Screenshot-9


After 3 Sim Days of not feeding it, the Cow Plant will become ornery, stick out it’s tongue full of cake, and lure in it’s next victim. A Sim can click the Cow Plant and select “Eat Cake”. The Cow Plant will be able to lure in the Sim and kill it, however there is also a possibility the Cow Plant will just swallow and regurgitate the Sim. If your Sim ends up dying when being eaten, your Sim will die of Starvation and be a Purple colored ghost. (Direct Video Link here)


If the cow Plant kills a Sim, the Grimmy will show up to take their ghostly remains to Simland. 😛 Any other Sims in the household can then Scold the Cow Plant for murder, or they can “Milk” it to drink the remains of said dead Sim. Drinking Cow Milk will give a Sim the “Divine Meal” moodlet and resets a Sim to the beginning of their life span.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14