PC Gamer – Interview with Ben Bell

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It’s no small understatement to say that The Sims have had a lot of expansions. A LOT. But there are so, so many that haven’t been made. Some ideas never make it past the drawing board, because they’d be too ambitious, too mad, or just too damn outrageous. We caught up with executive producer on The Sims 3, Ben Bell, to find out how Sims expansions are chosen and developed, and to offer a few ideas of our own. Will we ever see Sims 3: Modern Warfare? Read on to find out.
PC Gamer: Are all those pictures on the office caricature wall of you?

Ben: Yes.


PC Gamer: Which is your favourite?

Ben: Any of them that aren’t me.


PC Gamer: Your co-workers obviously think you can take it.

Ben: I take it out on my family.


PC Gamer: Your virtual family or real family?

Ben: No comment. I’m kidding!