EA’s “Katy Perry” Sims 3 My Page

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Today I was emailed a link to a very interesting Sims 3 My Page…Katy Perry’s! Well, it’s an EA promo account I’m sure, but either way, it looks official. The Avatar is identical to the Sim they have performing in all the trailers, and another thing I noticed, was the custom background (which we cannot create). Check it out!

On a side note, it is pretty low (even for EA), to actually keep a wishlist for this fake account. We all know it’s not the real Katy Perry, and even if it was, she would very much be able to afford her wishlist. Oh and EA… LET US CUSTOMIZE OUR BACKGROUNDS TOO! /end rant

Thanks to Kilara for the email! 🙂


Katy Perry My Page