The Sims 3 Wins Shorty Award for Gaming

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The Shorty Award for Gaming goes to…….. The Sims 3! Yes, the Sims 3 has won a Shorty Award, surpassing their 1st and 2nd place competition. Remember that little incentive to get us voting? Was that if they win, or if they got 1st place in voting? According to their incentive paragraph, it was only if they won first place in voting, but they won a Shorty Award in 3rd place, so I’m not sure what to expect. 😛
*Update* – The Sims 3 Store Set Buccaneer’s Bounty is FREE for 24 hours!


Nominate The Sims 3 for a Shorty Award to unlock a The Sims 3 Store surprise!
Nominate The Sims 3 for a Shorty Award in Gaming. A The Sims 3 Store set will be unlocked for FREE download when we reach the #1 spot! We have until The nomination period ends on February 17, 2012. Let’s hope that we take first place by then!