Rumor/Speculation: More EP 7 Info?

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❗ Until any and all info for EP 7 is confirmed, this information is to be considered a rumor.


Mod the Sims member homunculus420, has found a few more strings of info in the game files containing the 1.32 patch. This info has not been confirmed by any other members or EA themselves, so take it with a grain of salt!

Thanks to for the info!


Strings that are crossed out, are models that are already included in the game.


  • dragonFruit
  • mushroomTruffle
  • capers
  • sprigParsley
  • honey
  • pitcherCream
  • strangeMeat
  • mushroomPorcini
  • mustardJar
  • cantaloupe
  • lollipop
  • mushroomWhitecap
  • SandWhirlwing
  • Soccerball
  • cheeseWheel
  • Fairy
  • werewolf_brow,ears,face,jaws,nose