Thursday Set Preview from SimGuruTaterTot (yum)!

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Via TaterTot’s Blog – Thanks Jeff!

The Goth Family is a long standing legacy in the Sims. Before the Landgraabs came in and made the place all snooty, it was the Goths that made The Sims.  They sparkled even in their dark demeanor.  We worried for Cassandra and her awkward youth and enjoyed Mortimer’s exuberance.

With The Sims 3 you get to see the beginnings of The Goth family and The Sims 3 Store has been there every step of the way. As the family has continued to change so has their style!  What started as basic black has transformed into Gothique Chic and this new set is no exception!


Take a look at What’s coming soon to The Sims 3 Store! Sharp, Sleek, Sophisticated! That’s the new Goth look. Frankly I’m dying to have this set just for the wall paper and that desk alone. LOL! What do you guys think of the new Goth look? What Stories can you tell?

Goth Goth 2 Goth