Sims 3 Store: July 19th Sets & Premium Content!

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Le Cirque Celebration! (2,550 SP) – Come one, come all! Step right up and prepare to be amazed! From furniture to attire, this set has everything you’ll need to take center stage for Le Cirque Celbration!



Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain (Not available Individually At This Time) – Guaranteed to be the most delicious representation of Newton’s Law of universal gravitation you’ve ever experienced: Your opinion of skewered fruit tidbits will never again be the same once you’ve dipped them into Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain! The impressive table top gourmet display, with five silky smooth flavors to choose from, makes the Choc-O-Falls Fountain perfect for weddings, birthday parties and celebrations of all sizes, as well as a fun treat to serve your friends and families on a special Saturday night, Sunday afternoon brunch, Tuesday after-school treat, Thursday morning power breakfast, Monday between 3 and 7 PM for a pre-dinner snack, and Wednesday just because! With Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain, decadent indulgence is more than just a chocolate lovers dream come true…it’s SCIENCE!


circ 2


Le Cirque Esprit (1,650 SP) – A myriad of the strange and intriguing, the Le Cirque Esprit brings a whirlwind of inspiration and creativity. Step back in time with lovely textiles and exquisitely detailed furniture. This set is equally at home in Sims 3 Showtime, Supernatural or in your own Carnival!

Circ 3


Le Cirque Nouveau (1,450 SP) – Dare to be bewitched and beguiled by the captivating world of Le Cirque Nouveau! From Ringmasters to Jesters, this set of new clothing mixes classical and the unique. This set only gets better with the Acrobatic or Magician careers from The Sims 3 Showtime to tell new stories of imagination and discovery!

Circ 4