Sims 3 Store: Stone’s Throw Greenhouse Weather Fix

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If you own the Stone’s Throw Greenhouse, a weather fix has been released by the Store Team to correct the roofing issue. You will need to uninstall and re-download the greenhouse in order for the update to take affect. See SimsGuruCopeland’s post for more info.

Issues that have been addressed with the updated Greenhouse Venue:
Rain and snow will no longer fall into the Greenhouse Venue.
o The Greenhouse Roof pieces now turn off the visibility of tiles in their footprint area. So if you are building your own Greenhouse, this will allow you to place down a flat roof, place the Greenhouse Roof pieces on top, and still be able to see into the room below.
o Please note: if you do not place a flat roof down first, snow and rain will still get into your Greenhouse.
Plants will no longer go Dormant inside the Greenhouse Venue. 
o If you are building your own Greenhouse, make sure it meets all the requirements to flag it as a room (fully walled and fully roofed).
o Outstanding issue: Some harvestable plants still get the frost texture even though they are not going dormant. This is a bug that must be addressed by the Expansion Pack team, and they have a promising solution that they are testing right now.
Installation instructions for those that have already installed old Greenhouse:
1. VERY IMPORTANT: using your Launcher, uninstall the old Greenhouse first
2. Visit this page to download the updated Greenhouse:
 (your download should be 36.99MB)
3. Install the new Greenhouse from your Launcher
4. If you still have previously placed Greenhouses in your world, you will need to delete them and place down the new Greenhouse
5. Enjoy!
Important Notes:


If you accidentally install the new Greenhouse without first uninstalling the old, there is a possibility that you will encounter various problems with your Greenhouse. If this happens, please try the following to correct the issues:
1. Uninstall both versions from your Launcher.
2. Close your Launcher
3. Open your Launcher and verify that no Greenhouse content appears in your Installed Content Tab. If none appears, install the new Greenhouse, skip the remaining steps, and enjoy! Otherwise, uninstall them again and close your Launcher once more.
4. Open your Launcher and verify that no Greenhouse content appears in your Installed Content Tab. If none appears, reinstall the new Greenhouse, skip the remaining steps and enjoy!
5. If they are still appearing in the Installed Content Tab of your launcher or you are still having problems, you will need to delete your DCCache and DCBackup folders, typically located here: C:\Users\<yourusername>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3. Please note that this will DELETE ALL OF YOUR INSTALLED CONTENT! (If you have Store/downloadable worlds installed, there is the possibility that this could kill any of your save files that are in those worlds. Please make sure to back these up before deleting your DCCache and DCBackup folders to ensure you don’t lose your progress.)
6. Reinstall the new Greenhouse and enjoy!
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