Sims 3 Store: Le Cinema Plumbob Now Available

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Le Cinema Plumbob (1,700 SP) – Enjoy your favorite TV movies in a classier setting at the Le Cinema Plumbob! This theater is the height of style with its art deco themed furniture, intimate screening rooms, and balcony bar overlooking it all! Whether you’re enjoying a favorite old time movie or just having a drink with some friends, Le Cinema Plumbob is definitely the place to be!

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Large as Life Movie Screen (Not Available Separately) – Watch all of your favorite TV movies come to life on the big screen! Enjoy the classics in a whole new way! Whether you’re watching with your friends in your home theater or with strangers in the real theater, the experience is sure to be unique!

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Barrier to Entry System (Not Available Separately) – This turnstile, upgraded door, and ticket machine combination gives you the flexibility to create your ideal Barrier to Entry! Have you been wanting to create a business that requires tickets or a boys-only hide-out? How about a womens spa getaway or a Teen Werewolf party? If so, then look no further – this is your ticket


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