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A Note On Images


The images in general items section are taken in-game, using a lot constructed solely for the purpose of serving as a source of images for this article. Save for the wallpaper, door, and floor tile (the door comes from Monte Vista, wallpaper and floor tile are base game), all items presented are entirely new and part of this set. This note is merely here to avoid any confusion.

Hopefully, my building choice isn’t too nightmarish 😉




Create A Sim and Build/Buy Totals


Female Young Adults/Adults3 Hairstyles, 5 Outfits

Female Teens3 Hairstyles (same as adult), 1 Outfit

Female Children1 Hairstyle, 1 Outfit


Male Young Adults/Adults1 Hairstyle, 3 Outfits

Male Teens1 Hairstyle

Male Children1 Outfit


Build Mode1 Fence, 1 Gate, 1 Staircase, 1 Window

Buy Mode1 End Table, 1 Dining Table, 1 Dining Chair, 1 Living Chair, 1 Ceiling Light, 3 Plants, 1 Curtain, 1 Rug, 4 Statues/Miscellaneous


Hair Styles


Screenshot-268 Screenshot-269
Screenshot-270 Screenshot-278
Screenshot-293 Screenshot-295
Screenshot-296 Screenshot-298



Screenshot-274 Screenshot-272
Screenshot-275 Screenshot-276
Screenshot-277 Screenshot-280
Screenshot-281 Screenshot-282
Screenshot-297 Screenshot-284

Build and Buy Mode Items


Screenshot-286 Screenshot-287
Screenshot-288 Screenshot-289
Screenshot-290 Screenshot-291