Nautical Living Set (Screenshots)

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If you’re looking to add a little “Sea-Spice” to your game, the Nautical Living set is going to help you achieve that. While this set can be used in all settings, I found it to be most useful in Sunlit Tides.


Barbeque Grill Chest Coastal Sea Table Compass Clock Fisherman's Floor Lantern Fisherman's Wall Lantern Framed Knot Collection Lazy Angler's Chair Lazy Angler's Loveseat Lazy Angler's Rocking Chair Maritime Window Miniature Sailboat Nantucket Fence (2) Nantucket Fence Nautical Cornice Collection (Concave) Nautical Cornice Collection (Convex) Nautical Cornice Collection (Straight) Of the Sea Wall Shelf Rust and Candles Ceiling Light Sea-loving Bookshelf Sea-loving Rug The Friendly Whale