Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Collection (Info & Screens)

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Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station



The Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station is a brand new water activity object. Sims are able to perform tricks while they catch some cool waves. You can find the wave station in build mode under “Pool Objects” for 1,750 Simoleons. The Wave Station can be used by Sims Teen-Elder.
The Wave Station is a water-only object (Pools, Ocean, Ponds etc) that can be placed on both residential and commercial lots. The object also includes the Hidden Surfing Skill. This Surfing Skill has 10 levels to complete, each increasing a Sim’s performance, and also unlocking new water station features.

Surfing Skill (Levels 1-3) – Increased performance.
Surfing Skill (Levels 4) – Once Sims reach level 4, they will unlock “Medium” Waves in the Wave Station.



Surfing Skill (Levels 5-6) – Increased performance.
Surfing Skill (Levels 7) – Once Sims reach level 7, they will unlock “Mondo” Waves in the Wave Station.


Surfing Skill (Levels 8-10) – Increased performance.

While Sims catch a wave on the surf station in the ocean, the “Evil” Sea Lion will swim about. This animal will usually swim about and be of no harm to surfing Sims. However, Sims that are yet to ride the “Medium” waves and have a lower surf skill level, are more likely to be attacked by the sea lion. Sims will receive the negative “Almost a Meal” moodlet and the positive “Loose Seal” moodlet.


Sims can use the default board available with the surf station, or purchase a surf board in buy mode and customize it. If a Sim is attacked by a Sea Lion while using their own custom board, it will be returned to them with “chew” marks. Once this happens, the board cannot be used on the surf station, but it does make for a nice souvenir!



As Sims increase their skill they will also increase their performance while trying out any of the 3 brand new surf tricks. Sims will naturally attempt these trick on their own, but you can force a Sim to perform these tricks by clicking the active Sim, or the wave station.
The following tricks are available with the Wave Station:

CutBack Trick
Handstand Trick
Hang Ten Trick


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