Dreams of India Pictures

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Okay, I admit it. I squealed for joy when I heard that this set was coming out.

I had planned a short blurb, but… this set is simply gorgeous. There’s nothing more I can say that just doesn’t sound superfluous compared to the images. It also can fit well with existing India sets. So, really, if you’re in love with the other India items, this set sells itself and nothing I can say will sell it any more. But, I have included some shots I took myself so you can see this set for yourself, using a house from Dragon Valley.

Note that, towards the end of the female outfits, I am mixing previous India content with current; when you see the shirt with the large square amulet, that’s when I’m mixing the hairstyle and current outfit pieces with old.


Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105
Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107
Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109
Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111
Screenshot-112 Screenshot-113
Screenshot-114 Screenshot-115
Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117
Screenshot-118 Screenshot-121
Screenshot-122 Screenshot-123
Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125

To buy the set, which costs 1350 simpoints now but will soon go up to 1550, click here.