The Sims 3 Store: Mother Russia Review

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Disclaimer: In no way is WhipperWhirl a time-traveling Soviet spy trying to figure out how to report to his superiors what the future holds for Mother Russia. Comrade WhipperWhirl also denies any allegations that this article was delayed because of his annual progress report to the past.



First Impressions

This takes me back to the good old days… Drinking chilled vodka with one hand, wrestling a bear with the other, driving a tank with my feet… Ah, yes, those were the fun times.

I admit I was often teased about the bear wrestling… Wrestling a mere bear when most cut their teeth slapping polar bears into submission is wimpy. But, the tanks I was driving were fragile! They could withstand only one nuclear explosion! That’s what we get for listening to capitalist pigs on tank construction… Why, the old tanks could take three nuclear explosions without the driver even noticing anything happened!


Oh, right, I’m writing a review, not being nostalgic about days long past…

From the moment I saw this set, I loved it. The clothing in the preview pics looked gorgeous, the buildings were impressive, the winter scene just complimented it… I just utterly loved it.

And, no, I’m not a time-traveling Soviet spy. I have no idea where people got that idea from.




A special note to my artist friend: I am aware of the shot with the closed eyes, but had a hard enough time finding the outfit the first time (too much junk in CAS). I know it offends your artistic integrity and sense of proper picture taking, but please do not hate it too badly… We’re still cleaning up the fire damage from your last bit of really intense loathing. I still don’t know how your ire caused pieces of furniture to catch fire.

Screenshot-25 Screenshot-26
Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28
Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30
Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32
Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34
Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36

I must admit I love all of these outfits. I am certain that people remember certain reviews where I’ve not been particularly fond of the outfits or even hated one or two, but these… I like every single bit of clothing. I am especially happy they’re including more outfits with leggings. That is an aspect of women’s fashion that has been neglected in the past. They also give a sense of the glories of Mother Russia while still being capable of fitting into other settings.


Of them, I really can’t say what my favorite female outfits are; I see potential in every single one.

Screenshot-37 Screenshot-38
Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40
Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42

I must admit I find the men’s clothing a little lacking, but what items are included are good items that can easily be included in many towns without feeling out of place. Plus, the clothing itself also helps recall some of the glories of Mother Russia.

I have no favorites of this set either, but I see myself using the clothing in the future.

Overall, I am quite pleased with what has been released with this set. The clothing shall all find its way into future games of mine.




Alas, I have no lot built for this section. It was not due to lack of trying; I need to practice more to properly build a Russian home. And for my failure, I suspect my next assignment after this shall be guarding a trash can in Siberia. I just hope the trashcan is inside a building.

Screenshot-44 Screenshot-45
Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47
Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49
Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51


Even without being put on a building, one can see the superiority of Russian construction! Why, I bet you capitalist pi… non-Russian people are in utter awe of this architecture! Why, yes, my definitely-not-a-time-traveling-Soviet-spy mind is utterly floored by this architecture! And if I could have built a house properly with it in time to do this article, I would have shown you how utterly beautiful it can be! Alas, all you have are the official screenshots for that…

Overall, this architecture fits the Russian theme and adds on. I am a little disappointed by lack of furniture, but not much.



Final Thoughts

I must admit, despite a couple of disappointments, I am quite happy with this set. I’m certain everyone has noticed how much fun I managed to have with it and is thinking of all of the fun they could have. And, hopefully, others will have more success with building Russian-style architecture than I did. The architecture can also be used for a themed home or resort.


So, would I recommend buying it? Definitely. Used together or parted out, it’s worth it.

And for the last time, I am not a time-traveling Soviet spy. So please, comrades, stop any suspicions that I am.