Community Spotlight: CinkSims (World Creator)

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Here to kick off December’s Community Spotlight, is World Creator CinkSims! In a brief introduction below, CinkSims gives readers a chance to learn a bit more their work. If you don’t already know who they are, you will now! Take it away CinkSims!

Untitl12124124edHey guys! Here is Peter or my sims name Cink! I was born in Europe (specifically Czech Republic) And I live in Brno. I’m student of High School. Now about my blog and sims. I’m making a worlds for the Sims. Why worlds?!
Because I’m in love with nature, from bored tropical island until chinese rivers and Iceland’ s waterfalls. I can’t build, I can’t do sims. But worlds? I love it! My first world was horrible, small tropical island with subway and asphalt road on one small island! It was least island named Sunny Palms Coast. After this island I made island with shrubs and rock. I think it had two textures! (rock and grass-so any sand, any dirt, nothing) But after I made similar worlds, but it was bigger, bigger and bigger. My best world (I think?) is Pongau Jungle (Chinese jungle with palms and river), French Valley and Geothermal Lakes.
Now I’m inspired by Tumblr’ s photos and store worlds. I love store worlds. It is so exciting time! I love headline EA announces ….. new world! My favourite world is Aurora Skies or Lucky Palms. I like desert with canyons and casinos, and vice versa cold island with dark grass and dirty sea. So it’s AS and LP. I had all Stuff packs and Expansion packs from The Sims 2. My favourites were Bon Voyage & Gardens and Mansions. And from The Sims 3? I’ve got all too. My favourites from The Sims 3 are: Movie Stuff Pack and Island Paradise (maybe Into The Future! This EP is very good!)
My blog was founded one year ago! My blog was horrible, I remember white blog with some pictures and blue words. My blog had about 1000 views! Now my blog has got almost 100 000 views! It was my dream to have a blog with 100 000 amazing people. Have I any plans? Of course! I wanna to make a worlds in The Sims 4. (Another dream!)
What do I thing about The Sims 4? I love every sims series. My favourite is now TS3, but I hope it will be TS4! I hated The Sims 1 due to graphics. It was horrible! Now we can go under water, afford vacation etc…
Message for you? Enjoy every adventure with sims. Anything!
Thank you!