Community Spotlight: Rflong7 (World Creator)

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Here to kick off February’s Community Spotlight, is World Creator Rflong7! In an introduction below, Rflong7 gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about her work. If you don’t already know who she is, you will now! Take it away Rflong7!

Untitl12124124edHI Simmers =D You can call me Becca or Rflong7/13. This is such an honor and makes me so Happy (I’m trying very hard to only use the one exclamation mark per page rule). I’m so excited about this I might not make much sense – Squee! XD
I’d so rather talk your ears off then write anything down but let’s see, something personal about me…I’m an Army brat who was lucky enough to live all over the United States; from the wet, dark woods of Washington State to the dry mountains of New Mexico to the sandy swamps of South Carolina.
My Sims history – I started playing The Sims to keep myself out of trouble while my hubby was on his second short tour in the Middle East in less than two years. I tend to find trouble as if it were candy. XD I spent a weekend without sleep playing The Sims, found there were expansions, then that The Sims 2 was going to be released in a few months – I was so hooked on the games.


The Sims 3 was different, I almost quit after World Adventures kept eating my Sims after trips… but then Create a World was released and I found my home. My first world had every mistake there is in CAW – and that’s a lot. But I loved it; the poor, ugly little thing was Fabulous to me. My next world was Broken Heart Island and it will always be a favorite. With the new Store items for Medieval and Fantasy stuff, I’m eager to redo Broken Heart to be my perfect medieval world.
Anyone who’s seen my builds/worlds knows I don’t always do normal. I love dancing on the edge (too chicken to actually jump) with my theme worlds. I’ve got Moon Base Charlie, which was my first Alien type world; Cake Island, which I just had fun making one weekend; Haunted Valley was for a chance at a Showcase; Winter Wonderland, before weather was added – I had a great group of builders that helped me build the lots for WWL; I made Legacy Island because I love playing Legacy style and I like being able to see everything from my lot in the game… Bellatrix is another alien themed world. I can never forget Longview (I) because I watched the winter Olympics as I made it – and they’re almost here again! (oops)
Then there are a lot of worlds I made by request; Tiny Town, Twikkii Island, Lonely Island, Flame Island, Dark Harbor; to list a few. My latest is called Beach City. It has taught me so much about CAW and myself ( I’m not a moder so I don’t know code at all); Mostly about sticking with it and how to take breaks so I don’t toss my computer out the window. XD
Beach City is to be my world with all the Store venues, Premium Content, Expansions and Stuff packs… It’s huge and I’m going to finish it! (doggoneit) I’m not a big blogger but…
I have a blog:
and forum post:
I hope to get over hearing my own voice so I can make some CAW tutorials… I swear I don’t sound like my mom. O.o
Thanks so much for this honor, SimsVIP! I’ve had the best time with TS2 & TS3… and I’ll always cherish my time on The Sims 3 forums and with Create a World- Thank you so much, EA!
Course, If I’m gonna say thanks, I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful people on the CAW Forums because without them my worlds wouldn’t play as well (they’re the best world testers) and I’d have stopped playing TS3 nor enjoyed all these wonderful years with TS3! :Hugz:
Sorry I was so long winded but thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t sound too silly- a little silly is fine with me. Come and visit us in the CAW forum on TS3 site- there’s also the World Index there with many creator made worlds listed for everyone to check out. <3     Winter Wonderland – Before Seasons was released I wanted snow so I made a Christmas town. A lot of attention to detail in the houses by many wonderful builders… my only group build.

screenshot_original screenshot_original (1)

Broken Heart Island – A fantasy medieval world; Dark and light living across from each other. Bright light, dark clouds… rules by two different Sims with a fight of their own.

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Moon Base Charlie – Travel to the moon and live in a dome or adjust to the environment. Moon Base has room for more Sims.


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Cake Island– what can I say? It’s got Cake! 😉

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Dark Harbor – Built by request for a Simmer to add their own lots. High city, low docks, swamps and farm land..

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Longview II – At the time this world was up to date and was to be a build world. It grew to have many areas and many diverse Sims.

3b7e148c screenshot_original (2)

Isle of Sims – A small, tropical world with a quiet side and a town side. Lonely or crowded…


screenshot_original (4) screenshot_original (3)

Twikkii Island – recreated The Sims 2 vacation world of Twikkii Island… I rebuilt the best I could and added a city area on the other side of the mountains. Room to grow and vacation.

screenshot_original (5) screenshot_original (6)

Haunted Valley – It’s Halloween all year long. Ghosts and zombies and fairies- Oh, My.

screenshot_original (8) screenshot_original (7)

Ice Station – A frozen Apocalypse Challenge World

screenshot_original (10) screenshot_original (9)

Glenvale City– is a world to build houses. The community lots are here and empty houses- on flat land.

screenshot_original (12) screenshot_original (11)

Glenvale County (Base Game)– is the base game version of Glenview City. Lovely views and room to build.


screenshot_original (14) screenshot_original (13)

Manave Isle – was built for a Survivor game. Stranded on an island…

screenshot_original (16) screenshot_original (15)

Bellatrix – for out of this world Sims play. High Tech and Low Tech areas…

screenshot_original (18) screenshot_original (17)

Beach City– a world for all the venues, the expansions, the stuff packs, the Store worlds..

screenshot_original (20) screenshot_original (19)