Bohemian Garden Overview (Video & Screens)

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Screenshot-162 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-163 Screenshot-164 Screenshot-165 Screenshot-166 Screenshot-167 Screenshot-168 Screenshot-169 Screenshot-170


Buy Mode Objects

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The Sims 3 Bohemian Garden Set comes complete with 8 brand new harvestables. If you have the Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion installed, you can also create brand new nectar recipes.

♦ Blackberries

♦ Blueberries

♦ Strawberries

♦ Raspberries

♦ Pecan Tree

♦ Pear Tree

♦ Peach Tree

♦ Cocoa Plant


Recolerable Flowers

Creating your own colorful garden has become a reality. The newest flower objects are enabled for full customization, allowing you to create anything from blue, to Flame striped flowers. The same customization option has also been enabled for the “Rose in a Vase” object.



Video Overview