Sims 3 Store – Bohemian Garden Now Available

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Get your Sims’ green thumbs ready! The Bohemian Garden set is now available to purchase from The Sims 3 Store. It is currently on sale for 1,450 SimPoints until March 10, after which the regular price will be 1,700 SimPoints.

Bohemian Garden (1,450 SP) – Release your Sims inner Bohemian! Spend a spring morning planting a variety of new harvestables and an afternoon lounging under a flower-covered canopy. What free-thinking spirit doesn’t want to take off their retro-styled boots and walk among the wildflowers?
Sales Update 21-02-14



Bohemian Fruit And Nuts (Not Available For Individual Purchase) – It’s time to head out to the garden and plant an exciting variety of new fruits and nuts! And nothing goes better with fruits and nuts than chocolate.