Prism Art Studio Overview (Info, Screens & Video)

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 Prism Art Studio


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 Build/Buy Mode

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 Glassblowing Station


The Glassblowing Station is a new skill based interactive object for Sims. You can find the station in buy mode under “Hobbies & Skills” for 1,350 Simoleons. The glassblowing station can be used by Sims Teen-Elder.
The glassblowing station included the all new Artisan Skill, that allows Sims to create a handful of new objects, jewelry, and accessories at the glassblowing station. Additionally, Sims can use the glassblowing station to smelt metals.
The following items can be created with the Glassblowing Station:

Glass Objects

♦ Dancing Gnome

♦ Vases

♦ Utensil Receptacle

♦ Fighting Gnome (Level 1 Artisan Skill)

♦ Scared Gnome (Level 1 Artisan Skill)

♦ Partition (Level 2 Artisan Skill)

♦ Friendly Gnome (Level 3 Artisan Skill)

♦ Dragon Egg (Level 3 Artisan Skill)

♦ Stained Glass Arch Window (Level 5 Artisan Skill)

♦ Stained Glass Window (Level 5 Artisan Skill)

♦ Relaxing Gnome (Level 6 Artisan Skill)

♦ Chess Table (Level 7 Artisan Skill)

♦ Menus de vilo (Level 9 Artisan Skill)



Woohoo Panther Perfume (Level 1 Artisan Skill) – This perfume gives Sims a negative moodlet, accompanied by two hours of vomiting.


Vanity Perfume (Level 2 Artisan Skill) – This perfume boosts a Sim’s confidence, making them more sociable.

Once Forgotten Perfume (Level 3 Artisan Skill) – This perfume removes the Heart Broken moodlet that a Sim gets once someone in their household has passed away.

Amour Perfume (Level 4 Artisan Skill) – This perfume makes Sims more successful at romances.

Bliss Perfume (Level 8 Artisan Skill) – This perfume gives Sims a positive moodlet, making everything that much better!



♦ Stretched Coin Bracelet

♦ Sunburst Earrings

♦ Triple Ring Bracelet (Level 1 Artisan Skill)

♦ Red Hot Necklace (Level 1 Artisan Skill)

♦ Coin Bracelet (Level 2 Artisan Skill)

♦ Ancient Artifact Necklace (Level 2 Artisan Skill)

♦ Braided Bracelet (Level 3 Artisan Skill)

♦ Double Braided Necklace (Level 3 Artisan Skill)

♦ Spring Bud Earrings (Level 4 Artisan Skill)

♦ Turquoise Stone Earrings (Level 4 Artisan Skill)

♦ Turquoise Swirl Necklace (Level 4 Artisan Skill)

♦ Amethyst Necklace (Level 4 Artisan Skill)

♦ Turquoise Stone Necklace (Level 6 Artisan Skill)

♦ More Pearls Necklace (Level 7 Artisan Skill)

♦ Hammered Stone Necklace (Level 8 Artisan Skill)

♦ Curly Pearl Earrings (Level 9 Artisan Skill)



Video Overview w/Commentary