SimGuruCopeland Answers Bakery Questions

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Via The Sims 3 Forums


Do I need the Harvestables from Bohemian Garden to get my money’s worth from the Bakery? 
Absolutely not. There are a ton of new food items with this set, some of those items use ingredients from EP’s, Bohemian Garden or other Sims 3 Store sets, however you’ll have plenty to do with just the base game.
We’ll be talking about that new food and the incredibly endearing [censored by SimGuruTatertot] a lot more next week. It’s my favorite part of this venue.
Is there an auto restock with the bakery? There isn’t a concept of an “NPC run Bakery” with this venue. As mentioned, this venue is about your Sims being able to start up their own bakery with all of the challenges that come with it. That includes keeping the venue stocked.
Can I run a bakery off of my home lot? Like Savvy Seller’s Collection the big issue there will be getting customers into your store. The best way of doing that is throwing frequent parties.
Lestat (and others) mentioned a number of examples of different food types that would be fun to sell with the Baker’s Bazaar, like popcorn. Honestly, I’ll have to check on that specific example since microwaves can’t go on community lots. Technically, if it’s a recipe, it should work.
*Please note that I haven’t been in the office this past week (and won’t be in before release) so I can’t just hop into the game and confirm answers to various questions.