Things of Old and New (A SimsVIP Story)

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Author’s note: This is a Sims 4 story of my own creation. It is not based on any existing story, but it is also not the first Sims story I’ve written that involves aliens. Anyway, this particular story is far different than other articles you may see on this site. It is a multi-part narrative that will span many parts, and will utilize elements of each expansion or game pack that comes out. Each part will be released (hopefully) every Sunday at 7:00 PM central time, 8:00 PM eastern. The style of writing is actually based on my current Sims 3 story, Tom and Annabelle. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Part One – Welcome to Willow Creek
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Willow Creek. The very name invoked feelings of warmth and comfort to those who knew about the town, a small suburban area outside the much larger urban sprawl of Port Ridge. With its friendly people, warm atmosphere, and beautiful vistas, Willow Creek was consistently voted the best place to live in the United States compared against other towns and cities of similar population and demographics. The second such town to achieve the award on a constant basis was the desert landing of Oasis Springs, a mere four-hour flight from Willow Creek itself.
Willow Creek was home to a variety of different people including Bob and Eliza Pancake, the always-arguing couple with an affinity for breakfast food. Perhaps the most well-known household living in town was the Goth family, a group of people famous for their family backyard graveyard and curious demeanors involving laughing at funeral parties. Just recently, Bella Goth had gone on record to say she was abducted by aliens, but the citizens of Willow Creek laughed her off saying it was another aspect of her bizarre, eccentric personality.
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Indeed many citizens of Willow Creek were quick to judge Bella for her claims, as many did not believe in the idea of aliens. However there were a few diamonds in the rough, so to speak, living within the city limits. These few believed that not only were beings from beyond the stars real, but they were on Earth already and living among the people as ordinary citizens with extraordinary secrets. In fact, some believed a withdrawn, inventive woman living in a large white mansion down on Old Town Street was in fact not of this Earth, a belief that was only exacerbated with the sudden moving-in of three other people that were strangers to that particular part of town.
Patrick “Pat” Denton had not heard the rumors of the people in the white mansion when he found himself standing outside the house one crisp May morning. In fact, the only thing he had heard regarding the manor was the fact that it had an empty room available, and he was without a place to live at the time. Pat was born in the Willow County Hospital, across the street from the police station, but his family moved to Oasis Springs just after his birth. Despite this, he was always finding himself wanting to leave the arid, bleak, empty desert to explore the lush green vistas of the southern town.
Pat boarded a plane and flew off to Willow Creek when he finally gained the money to go, arriving in Port Ridge’s airport. That particular airport was famous for its warm and friendly boarding and departure staff but also infamous for its not-so-trained luggage handlers, who had misplaced all of Pat’s belongings after he got off the plane. With only a few hundred dollars left in his wallet, Pat decided to find a place to stay and searched his cell phone for the closest “roommate wanted” ad. One thing led to another and he found himself outside the white manor on Old Town Street, waiting for someone to answer the door.
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He was impressed with how large and modern the mansion was especially when compared to the smaller, older houses around it. From above in the plane he noticed that the more modernistic houses were grouped together in different neighborhoods, far from the one he found himself in. Pat took the time to wonder if the mere presence of this manor was the first step in some city council plan to replace the relatively run-down, cheaper houses in the area with more aesthetically pleasing ones. As he stood there thinking, the door in front of him opened and a man in his early twenties stepped outside.
“Hello, I believe we spoke on the phone earlier. My name’s Patrick Denton.”
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The man shook his head, then smiled. “Yeah, you said to call you ‘Pat’, right? Sorry if I seem out of it, I’ve been up since we talked. I’m Sam , I guess we’re roommates now.”
Pat shrugged. “I suppose so. Sorry to spring on you in such a short notice, I just got off the plane late last night and the people there lost my luggage, bags, food, everything. All the hotels were booked because of some event in town this week.”
“Yeah, the rocket launch.” Sam replied, “My friend Max is actually the consultant on that. She’s here, but I uh… I didn’t tell her you were coming so soon. Let me bring her up so I can introduce you two, considering she owns the house.” Sam walked down the stairs into the basement, leaving Pat behind to look at the house. Inside was just as modern as the outside, with a lot of grays and whites.
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As he stood waiting for Sam to return with his friend, Pat heard the sound of gentle tapping on a hard-wood floor. Based on where it was coming from, he turned around and walked into the living room, noticing a blonde-haired woman sitting on one of the couches and reading a book. From the title, she was reading a medical journal written by some of the premier doctors living in the United States. Judging by the book he thought to himself that she was a doctor, or at least studying to be one.
“Hello.” Pat said, “I’m-“
“Patrick Denton, the new roomie that Sam invited over. I heard you talking to him in the foyer. I’m Emily Terrance, and yes I am a doctor… an actual doctor, not a medical student. I read these journals from time to time to keep myself up-to-date on all the current medical techniques and know-how. I also like long walks on the beach.”
“I really wasn’t going to ask if you liked-“
04-04-15_9-41 PM

“I’m just kidding.” Emily smiled as she sat the book on the couch next to her, “It’s nice to meet you. We most likely won’t talk much though because my job keeps me pretty busy, as one would imagine.”
Pat nodded. “I understand completely. My dad was a doctor in Oasis Springs, he was always in and out of the house. On occasion I would go down to the hospital and chat with him about things that were going on with my life. Good times.”
“Is that where you’re from? Oasis Springs. I went there last year for a medical conference at the casino and hotel. In fact, I could have met your father and would never even know.”
Pat shrugged, “Yeah I think he went there, he didn’t mention anyone in particular. I think after fifteen years things like that would start to blend in together.”
“Well hopefully that doesn’t happen to me!” Emily replied with a small chuckle. Her demeanor then turned a bit more serious. “So you’ve yet to meet Max, I should tell you ahead of time that she’s not exactly what you would call a ‘people person’. She likes to keep her face hidden from nearly everyone, and In fact she might seem to uh… dislike you.”
“She has her own reasons. I’m sure she’ll warm up to you though.” Emily smiled again and stood up, walking out of the room into the kitchen. Pat nervously scratched his head and walked into the other room, browsing at some pictures on the back wall while admiring the large bar the house had. He then turned back and inspected one of the pictures even more, which had Emily and a young-looking brunette lady standing next to each other and smiling. On the picture next to it was another woman wearing black glasses, a hood, and other clothes to conceal most of her face. From what Emily said about her, he assumed this woman was Max.
Just as he was looking at the pictures, the door nearby opened and Sam walked in, followed closely by Max herself. Now that he got a look at her in person, Pat realized she was just as mysterious as in the picture. “Hello.” He said while smiling. “My name’s Patr-”
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“I know who you are. Samuel told me everything about you that he knew of downstairs. My name is Max Leone. Call me Max, don’t call me Maxine. Sam also told me that you’re from Oasis Springs, you have three siblings, and your middle name is Philip.”
“I didn’t tell him…
“He conducted a background check. I told him to when he told me about someone else coming to stay in the house this morning. Seeing as he’s a detective in the Willow Creek PD it was rather easy for him. Now listen, there is only one rule here: Don’t come into my lab unless you are invited in. If you do, it’s instant kick-out. Other rules may apply in terms of the law. As I said, Sam’s a cop and he will arrest you and throw you in jail the second you even think about breaking any state-issued and sanctioned laws in this house. Your room is upstairs, Sam will show you there. If you have a job, that’s good. If not, find one. Anything else to know?”
“I uh… No.”
“Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to work on some more experiments where I will not be bothered. If you have questions, ask Emily, Sam, or Alex.” Without any more words, Max turned and walked out the door. Pat waited until she was downstairs before approaching Sam.”
“Your friend Emily told me about Max not being a people person, and I didn’t exactly know what she meant by that until just this moment.
“She can be a bit rough sometimes, but she eases up once she gets to know you. She did to us.” Sam turned around to look at the pictures on the back of the wall. “Max, Alex, Emily, and I have known each other since we were kids. We were our own ‘cool crowd’.”
Pat nodded, then remembered the name that both Sam and Max mentioned. “Who’s Alex?”
“He’s the friend you haven’t met yet. He runs an electronics store in the Magnolia Promenade district, ‘Mike’s Memories’. You’ll meet him eventually. In fact he’s in that picture up there with me.”
Pat nodded again, “So who’s the woman in the picture with Emily?”
04-05-15_5-19 PM-2

“She’s uh… Alice, one of Max’s good friends. She lives close, and I think some of Max’s personality kinda rubbed off on her because she isn’t exactly a people person either.” Sam chuckled and walked out of the room, leaving Pat behind again. But before he left completely, he half-turned and smiled. “Welcome to Willow Creek.”
04-05-15_6-21 PM

Pat spent a good part of the day looking at his new room, making the bed, dusting some shelves. Afterwards, he went out for a walk and explored some of the town, all the way to the edge of a bridge leading to another neighborhood. Off in the distance he could see a park, and decided to go there the next day. For the moment, however, he was tired from the flight which was only added to by the walk and the meeting of new people. He slowly trudged down the road and walked in the house, up to his room, and climbed into bed after taking off his jacket. As he drifted off to sleep, his thoughts went to the house he was now staying in, and the people within it. Sam and Emily seemed nice, he hadn’t even met Alex, and had no idea who Alice was. Max, on the other hand, seemed to dislike him from the moment they met despite his best intentions. He wondered if she even wanted him there. Moments passed, and his thoughts turned to dreams as he drifted off into a deep sleep.
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Meanwhile, close to the house, the lights within a dark room turned on, illuminating the small space with turquoise light. A strange woman with blue skin, a glowing outfit, and tattoos stepped into the room, turned, and started immediately typing information into an advanced computer while a strange device floated gently in a large water tank.
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