The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen: Tips for a Lovely Layout

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The kitchen is the place where most family dining happens. Get a good base for your kitchen design by starting with the right layout for your space. Here are a few tips to help you figure out the best type of kitchen for your space, and features of “cool kitchens” in The Sims 4!

Think of the workspace triangle you’re creating with your kitchen space. The refrigerator, the stove, and the sink are the main electronics you’ll be working with when creating a meal. Though they should be spaced out, keep the workspace intuitive and easy to follow.


As with the two images above, consider your counter-space. Instead of Leaving any of these rooms as L-shaped kitchens with empty space in the middle, we’ve added surface area in the form of islands, bars, and tables. 

For bigger dining areas within kitchens, sometimes varying chair color and pattern brings the extra bit of detail to large, flat, samey tables. To mix up chairs with style, keep the materials the same, and then change either the color or shape.

In the first area, the same chair is used, but in different colors. In the second area, the same color is used, but in different types of chairs. Notice that although the shape and color may vary, we’re keeping it neutral so it’s not overwhelming. In real life, chairs are bought in sets of two and four, so store “extra chairs” in the corner for that extra touch.



Take a look at your own kitchen, friends’ kitchens, and kitchens in magazines. Because of the high humidity and heat, posters may not be the best artwork to put up, but plants can thrive where there’s easy access to water.

Add special touches in detail that put your kitchen apart from others. Is there a carpet in front of the sink? A fruitbowl in the corner? In office kitchens, a dishwasher and stove may not be needed, so put a microwave or coffee machine instead.

Remember to think about how a sim would behave in this kitchen, or how you would personally feel if having to cook, do homework, or eat here. Don’t be afraid to tweak the layout as you’re living with it! Unlike real construction, build mode is easy to change on the fly, which is what makes building in The Sims so special.