The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Gloriously Gothic

Languishing in your own anguish just became delightfully decadent.  Viewed in the clear light of day, these classically designed and custom content free gothic homes will fill your Sims with a sense of romance and mystery; each dwell within the Gallery.  Arranged from lowest to highest cost.  Enjoy!

1. Furnished Gothic Charm by xXClefairyXx, §103,658

An ornate spindle-work porch wraps around this narrow lot home.  The entryway opens to the front parlor, with television and bookcase, bathroom, kitchen and dining room.  The second floor has the master bedroom with en suite bath, nursery, two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.  The basement is large yet unfinished to suit your particular Sim family needs.


2. Halloween Mansion by sarademoor, §160,257

Every home needs a touch of mystery.  This cozy charmer has a front parlor with bookcase, easel and chess board, a combined dining room and sitting room with television and a kitchen.  The second floor has a full bathroom, master bedroom and child’s room.  The real question is, ‘What’s buried under the blooming violets in the back garden?’


3. Ornamental Gothic Cottage by IlonkaSims, §200,057

Dormers adorn the roof of this family home.  The front foyer runs the length of the house, leading to the library with fireplace, many bookshelves and a cozy window seat; a front parlor with television and a kitchen, dining room and bathroom.  The second floor holds the master bedroom with en suite bath, child’s room with bed and cradle, and an additional bedroom and bathroom.  On warm summer nights, the back yard doubles as extended entertaining space with monkey bars, barbecue and seating for six.


4. Gothic Dream House by averyrose51000, §217,119

A lovely exterior is just a hint of the loveliness that lies within this enchanting home.  The first floor foyer opens to the staircase and the front parlor with fireplace and bookshelf.  The dining room seats eight with a grand piano to entertain.  The attached kitchen, with all the amenities, is adjacent.  The second floor landing leads to the master bedroom,  the library and bathroom. The back yard outdoor space has a barbecue and seating for four.


5. House of Nevermore by omk358, §241,407

Sweeping wrap around porches encase this three story manse with a remarkable roofline.   The first floor hosts the sitting room with piano, chess board, television and main floor bathroom.  Down the hall lies the home office suite with bonsai tree, bookshelf and computer followed by the kitchen and then dining room.  Upstairs on the second floor, there’s  a master bedroom with en suite bath, two additional bedrooms, a full bathroom and an art room with easel and bookshelf.  Finally on the attic floor, there’s a child’s room, bathroom, exercise area with child’s art table and a workroom with workbench.  For more activities Sims can swim in the pool, barbecue and garden in the back yard.


6. Victorian Manor by MARIANOBATISTA, §253,749

The landscaping and exterior lend a sense of abandonment, whilst the interior is anything but.  Standing at three stories tall, this lovely home opens to a parlor with tea service and fire place.  The library with piano, bookcase and computer adjoins the dining room, eat-in kitchen and bath.  The second floor landing includes a seating area and television, two bedrooms, a bathroom and the master bedroom with en suite bath.  The final floor includes an exercise room with easel, positioned for views through the highest window, and an entertainment room with seating area, guitar, chess board and bar with kitchenette.


7. Grand Gothic Mansion by jerberry3, §318,351

Lush landscaping and a private cemetery frame this three story achievement built for families of clout and tradition.  The first floor has a parlor with piano, bookcase and fireplace, kitchen, dining room and solarium with chess board.  The second floor has a master bedroom with en suite bath, four bedrooms, an additional bathroom and a home office with computer.  The third floor is the attic space, sparsely filled with various stored items; however the easels will be put to good use as the grand view is the perfect place for the artist within to find inspiration.


8. The House on Raven Hill by TheOakSpade, §348,494

A second empire gothic masterpiece, this well constructed manor had to have been designed for the beloved family of an early 19th century copper baron.  With decorum this grand manor opens to a generous foyer; the dining room is connected to the men’s lounge with a bar.  The opposite side holds the parlor with comfortable seating and the library with chess board and bookshelves.  The rear of the first floor holds the kitchen and the ladies tea room.  The second floor houses four bedrooms, two bathrooms and master bedroom with en suite bath.  The third floor hosts a second library, governess’ bedroom, the child’s room, toy room and bathroom.


9. Goth Mansion V2 by omk358, §410,981

An expansive manse, this revision of the original home conceived by the same creator will leave Sims wanting for naught.  The first floor opens to an entryway with grand piano; archways open to the sitting room, game room with chess board, office with bookshelf, easel and computer, the kitchen, dining room with bar and bathroom.  The second floor consists of three bedrooms, a bathroom, children’s activity area with chemistry set and bonsai tree, game room with game center, computer and guitar; a toy room with a dollhouse leads to a balcony with an easel.  The third floor hosts the master bedroom and bath, a landing with workbench,  easels and exercise equipment, a library with computer, bookshelf and geo sample storage unit.  An additional office holds the microscope and a computer.  The back yard offers additional activities with a large pool, monkey bars, barbecue and telescope.


10. Backler Mansion by Merlliah, §778,586

This spacious mansion is half home and half museum with plenty of room for multi-generational families.  Sims will find every conceivable object on site, giving them many opportunities to increase skills.  The first floor opens to an impressive foyer which leads to a home office, indoor swimming pool, full bathroom, two story library with bookshelves, dining room and kitchen.  The second floor holds a sitting room with bar, master bedroom with en suite bath, an additional bedroom, home office with bookshelves, television and computer, exercise room with treadmill and punching bag, and art room with easels.  The third floor has a piano, four more bedrooms, each with en suite baths; all include bookshelves and fireplaces while two also have televisions and walk in closets.