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Up Your Club Game

The Sims 4 Get Together* released last week, and I’ve already heard of some absurd and amazing Clubs that you’ve put together using the new Club system. But if you’re still looking for advice on creating a perfect group of Sims to hang out with, we put together some tips to get you started.

Find Like Minded Sims. Have you ever wondered what Sims in your World are ambitious? There’s one quick way to find out: create your very own “Ambitious Club” using the Club Requirements. Set a Requirement to have the Ambitious Trait, and go to add a member to your Club. Because you have set a Club Requirement, it will only show the Sims that fit the Requirements. Suddenly, boom – a list of your World’s Ambitious Sims.


Nail the Outfit. After you create your Club don’t forget to customize their outfit. Go to the Club Panel in the lower right corner and click the shirt icon to customize your Club’s outfit. You can set a style, Color, or go all out and customize the Club’s exact outfit. And don’t forget to purchase the Club Jacket or Hat with your Club points!



Build Your Hangout. Every Club needs a place to call their own. You can turn just about any location into your Club hangout. In the Club Manager, you can click the house icon, and set a location to your Club hangout. Once you select a location you can go to that location and build out what you want for a Club’s space. Some of my favorites are a secret backroom, basement, or rooftop lounge. Once you build out the location don’t forget to place a door down and lock it to only members of your Club.

Buying Club Perks. As your Club gathers and performs Club Activities they will gain Club Points. These points can be spent on a various perks that will further customize your Club. If your Club is all about exercising you may want to purchase the Fitness Boost perk. This will boost the speed at which your Sims gain fitness skill while in a Club gathering. You can also purchase things like Club Handshakes and powerful Club vibes to set the mood of your Club. If you have a romantic Club you may want to purchase the Strong Flirty Club Vibe. You will be able to use this to turn up the heat during your Club gathering and make everyone flirty.



Setting Targeted Rules. You may want to set rules to act out on specific types of Sims. When you set a social rule you will be able to designate a target. For example you can set a rule to Be Mischievous to Everyone, a Specific Club, or a Specific Age. You can use this to set up rival clubs. For this example we can set the rule to be mischievous everyone, however we do not want our Club to be mischievous to themselves so we need to set up a Banned activity that is Don’t Be Mischievous to our specific Club. In this case it is the Drama Lamas.