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Thanks to rigorous testing by many members of the community, there is now a new way to help increase performance in The Sims 3. By using the “Unpark CPU” method, you are able to help increase the performance of the game and enjoy a better gaming experience.

Big thanks to simmythesim for passing this our way!

I actually just stumbled on this and I’m wondering if there are people here who knows more about it. I don’t recall ever reading about this on here. If it has been discussed before and I missed it, sorry for the double post.

The source I was reading came from here: ParkControl

It is the idea that most multicore CPUs have a state called “park” when it is idle in order to conserve energy. When the CPU is needed, then it is unparked. This constant park and unparking creates latency in order to save energy, reducing the performance. So theoretically, by unparking them, it will increase your CPU performance but also increase power usage. The argument is that Windows OS is too aggresive in energy saving, so most of the time our CPU is not being used efficiently enough.

The source I listed has a program that allows you to unpark 1 or all of your CPUs. I actually do not prefer 3rd party programs, but the source also provided a reg change that will allow this built-in option to show up in the power management“advanced mode.” This is the method I chose. You can either use the reg modifier in the link or manually change it yourself by finding the registry. Simply change it from “1” to “0” to turn it on. So I went ahead and changed the option in the power management. This will “display” the option in the power management.

The Windows 7 default is at 10%. It means that at the OS will maintain minimum 10% active cores, meaning it can park 90% of your CPUs. This really IS aggressive. For the sake of testing, I set it to 100%, meaning all cores must be unparked.