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Last time we talked about how a shock obesity epidemic hit SimCity, leaving the population at an obesity rate of 74%! But don’t fear, my less active friends – we have met Carter Birdsell, a local fitness expert, who shared his magic weight loss tips and also some great info about how to lubricate treadmill rollers easily with us!

“For a while, you could work out for a tiny amount of time and get super buff,” Carter told us. “Some Sims were blessed with amazing metabolisms, like there was a glitch in life. Sims would go for a jog once and come back with muscles to die for.”


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Unfortunately, we are not so blessed anymore, since The Gurus came and switched up everyone’s metabolisms. “Working out is still a good route to take, but you’ll need to stick to it. One workout won’t cut it anymore.”

But, what is this secret that doctors hate? “I make this meal called a Superfood Salad. It’s healthy, keeps weight off and tastes…interesting.” But how is it made? “I usually pop down to the grocery mart and buy whatever I can find that sounds like a superfood. I used to buy things like Maca Green Leaf Quinoa Roots and Camu Camu Matcha Oil but they don’t sell them anymore.”

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Carter told us that the Superfood Salad is the way forward for weight loss. Exercise can do a little to help nowadays, but really, you need to worry about diet. The moral of the story today? Stop eating popcorn and start eating things with stupid-sounding names.


Did our weight loss tips make you say “OMP!”? Let us know how these weight loss tips work out for you!