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The sun has been out in full force recently (but when hasn’t it?) and, all of a sudden, Sims everywhere are donning their best swimsuits and throwing themselves down little sheets of slippery plastic. That’s right, slip-n-slides are back in fashion!

You may have seen this viral video on Simbook or SimTube recently, which showed Bob Morris, 43, of Newcrest taking a tumble on the waterslide. It might look like fun, but our in-house medical expert Dr Mortimer Goth isn’t too keen on this new trend.


OMP waterslide 1

We caught up with Dr Goth at the Holy Spleen Memorial Hospital to ask him what the problem was. “It’s simply dangerous,” he told us. “Sure, you might not die – it isn’t as dangerous as laughing or being angry, of course. But Sims can do serious damage to themselves when they take a tumble. We call it Basic Underneath Tumble Trauma, and we’ve seen hundreds of Sims hospitalized due to this.”

OMP waterslide 2

Mortimer says that just like cars, slip-n-slides are far too dangerous for Sims to use. He is calling for a complete ban, but what do you think? Let us know!

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