The Sims 4: Two EA IP’s Comb SimsVIP’s Sims 3 Pets Guide

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It’s no secret that Pets for The Sims 4 may soon become a reality. From surveys to game code, The Sims 4 Pets has been increasingly swirling in the rumor bin. As we await our next Sims 4 quarterly teaser to see what EA has planned for the next three months, some new information makes us wonder if Pets are well on their way.

As I spent time sorting through today’s site analytics, I discovered two user sessions from EA’s Redwood office. It’s not at all unusual for EA to visit the site multiple times a day, but these two user sessions were unlike the rest: They didn’t focus on current site news.

There were multiple links clicked (20+) but they are not all pictured above.

As you can see in the images above, two users with EA IP’s visited the site today to comb through our Sims 3 Pets Game Guide. They spent a good amount of time looking at object images like Scratching Posts, Pet Beds, and other objects found in the guide.

Does this information prove for certain that EA is working on Pets? No. But does this add to the rumor bin? Absolutely. Why would anyone from EA actively seek information on a 6 year old game? Perhaps some object modelers were looking for inspiration and it’s a lot easier to google than look for years old internal assets. 😉