The Sims 4 City Living: Early Concept Art by Emily Zeinner

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Former concept artist to The Sims 4, Emily Zeinner, has shared some early concept art and commentary from The Sims 4 City Living Expansion.

Water feature public space 4 CityLiving-Early on neighborhoods had a focus on elements.Really wanted routable water fountains to play in. This was me trying to shove a lot of visual interest despite lack of routable space. The weird road shapes leading in are inspired by a trip to the Aria in Las Vegas where they have a main roundabout with many roads leading in.I thought it’d be cool 2 have lots of vfx cars to make the city area feel more alive.


Dunno if I ever posted this, super early vaguely Moroccan inspired arts district for City Living. This was to prove you didn’t have to sacrifice the feeling of a culturally and visually vibrant city just because it’s a tight space.