Community Spotlight: OpheliaSim (CC Creator/Storyteller)

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Kicking off SimsVIP’s June Community Spotlight is talented Custom Content Creator OpheliaSim! In a brief introduction below, OpheliaSim gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what she does in the community. Take it away!

Hi simmers! My name is OpheliaSim, and I’m a long-time Italian fan of The Sims! I’m currently 33 years old, but The Sims make me feel immortal in my heart. I fell in love with The Sims when I was 15 or 16 years old, all thanks to my former classmate who told me about this amazing game called The Sims. I’ve been playing The Sims ever since, and with The Sims 2 I started to create custom content.


Some years ago I also managed an Italian fansite, where I and a few friends of mine created different types of content and videos. We had so much fun back in those days, but as time passed and we got older, we decided to close my fansite. It was then that I felt I had lost a part of me.

Thanks to The Sims 4 and some new friends in the simming community, I opened my Tumblr ( where I share all my Sims Stories and some Custom Content I create. Storytelling in The Sims is a true passion of mine. Being that I’ve always loved to write and tell stories, I decided to combine these real life passions with The Sims. I’ve written stories in both Italian and English (although my English is not perfect), and I would highly recommend you read my favorite story called “Uncovered Soul”.

This is a personal favorite of mine as I wanted to tell a story of life and the importance of the choices we make. The main character, Veronica Reed, lives out a series of events that lead her into the deepest places of the human soul. As she explores her “dark side”, she faces it and beats it. Each and every choice she makes, good or bad, has consequences. I believe that we are responsible of our choices, even if we think we haven’t chosen them. I’m definitely a happy ending lover and my stories will always have a “good” ending, even if I don’t believe in a concept of “good” or “evil” in totality. Life is colored by shades of both. My hope is to create characters who could be “real”, deep, and as complex every person is.


As I also mentioned earlier, I’m a Custom Content Creator as well. I’m not too good at recoloring and creating new meshes, but my love and passion is creating pose packs. My very first pose pack is the “Am I pregnant?” pack which contains 4 different poses for The Sims 4. To date, my most popular pose pack is the “Depression Pose Pack”.

I really love seeing how my poses are used in stories from the community, and it really makes me proud of my work. The Sims is a single player game, but being able to share new content makes it a huge community game, and I sometimes feel like we’re all playing together. I like creating pose packs as requests for others as well, as I think it’s a great way to bring my story to the game of others. I spend a lot of time on every pose and I always try to make something suitable for all kind of Sims (gender, physical shape, ecc.). Hopefully the community finds great use in my work.

I want to give a big thank you to Alexis for this amazing opportunity and to the readers of SimsVIP for reading my story! I also want to send a huge Thank You to all my community friends and to all my amazing followers! Be sure to follow me on Tumblr and the Gallery.


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