Sim-mates in Heaven: The Story of Rosana & Wouter (Part 1)

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In today’s world, many people probably agree that they have more friends online than they do in real life. Thanks to videos games and social media, it is not uncommon to hear that marriages and serious relationships have spawned as a result of a common interest.

Sometimes there is much more than a video game that brings people together, and Rosana & Wouter are the perfect example of Sim-mates in heaven! In a multi-part blog, Electronic Arts has published the story of Rosana & Wouter, veterans of the Simming community!


Video games can bring people together like no other form of entertainment. Meet a Dutch couple who fell in love through their shared passion for The Sims.

Rosana: Hello! I’m Rosana, sometimes known as Rosie. I run a bilingual fansite called SNW(which is short for SimsNetwork and its Dutch sister site SimsNetwerk). I mostly create and share my own custom content for Sims games. I also write articles and sometimes record videos.

Wouter: Hi I’m Wouter, a 32 year old Dutch guy. I used to be known as ‘Cheetah’ in The Simscommunity, when I still ran The Sims Zone. This was one of the major Sims fansites at the time, with a strong focus on the latest news and reviews.


How long have you been playing The Sims?

Wouter: I remember reading a preview about The Sims before the game came out, and I was immediately interested. I rediscovered it again within a month or two after the release.

Rosana: I’ve been playing The Sims since 2000, when the first Sims game came out. The game itself was really interesting, but what really got me into it was creating custom content! Besides playing with my Sims and building houses for them, I started making new outfits, walls, floors and furniture for the game. I haven’t stopped doing that since!