“We are nice, really. We don’t all drink your blood.”

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Have you ever run into a creature of the night? The chances are, you run away as soon as possible and you never get a chance to know them. We thought that it’s time to stop this prejudice and start learning about these vampires we fear so much.

Evil Lairs

Edwin upset

Edwin Gwyneth, currently residing in Forgotten Hollow lives alone, which he claims is “the best way to be.” He followed on with, “being a vampire, it’s hard to make friends with people. Everyone thinks I’m gonna turn them into one, or I’m going to bite them or whatever. It’s just so hard. We are nice, really. We don’t all drink your blood!”


As far as we know, vampires have existed as long as we have, but only recently have Sims stumbled upon the vampire-infested town of Forgotten Hollow. There aren’t many residents there as far as we can tell; we don’t fancy knocking on every door just in case we meet a creature-of-the-night in a bad mood. That’s definitely not what you want on a cold Monday night.

The best way to start getting to know these mysterious creatures is to…well…ask them questions. It’s not exactly rocket science (unless they work with rockets, in which case you may need to do some research). Here’s our interview with the man-of-the-hour!

In the spirit of getting to know your species and to begin a discussion about the issues a lot of Sims face, we’ll start simple. What’s your favourite hobby?


“Well, when I’m not lurking about at night finding Sims to feast on, I’m either playing the organ or cooking. I’m kidding, I don’t really feast on Sims…I promise! But seriously, I do love cooking. It’s nice to just be in my kitchen trying to bake a cake or even just making scrambled eggs. As long as I’m in the kitchen, I’m happy.”

What is your favourite colour? (Please don’t be red).

“It’s red! And I know it seems typical because I’m a vampire, but that’s not the case! I love red because it symbolises love and the umbilical cord. I happen to be quite the hopeless romantic. I also love reading poetry and that’s the connotations I get from the colour red. It’s just a powerful colour of life, and I just love it.”

You love poetry you say? Is there a particular one that really speaks to you?

“Yes, indeed there is! It’s called Neverland, by Natalie Blackwood. There’s just something about the poem that I just absolutely love. To me, it’s about being true to yourself, but I dunno, I guess we’ll have to see what people think of it.”


Well, folks, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this week’s article and that you’re open to learning more about your vampire neighbours. Next time you see one out-and-about, maybe start a conversation with them and ask them questions, (only if it’s ok with them. Don’t start annoying them or you could end up being their dinner, should you run into the wrong guy). Until next time!

PS: if you fancy reading the poem, feel free to click here!