Like a VIP: What to Do Before Cats & Dogs Comes Out

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There are two kinds of people on Earth, those who will tell you that time flies and those who play The Sims 4 and have been anxiously waiting for the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. But now that it seems like November 10th is in a not so distant future, it’s time to get our games ready for what is one of the most anticipated packs we’ve ever had in the series.

So what do you, VIP player, will do before Cats & Dogs is finally here? Well, I say you prepare your game (and yourself!) for that release, whether you’re starting a new game file or not. So before you ask me how, let me give you a few ideas I’ll be doing myself.

Start making new sims

I really enjoy the new CAS items and cannot wait to have my sims wearing those clothes and hairstyles. But one think I like to do is to make what I call “template sims” (if you read my “making more realistic sims” article, you’ll know what I’m talking about) so my sims will be half-finished by the time the pack comes out. Trust me, it saves a lot of time so you get to focus only on the new stuff when you get to play it.

Make sure you know what’s coming

Being able to see the gurus’ livestreams, the material from Sims Camp attendees or even official trailers is good not only to get you hyped, but also to plan ahead things you can do with items, features or even the new world. I usually costumize everything when I’m starting a new save file, which means I replace most lots with my favorite ones (both made by me or simmers I follow on the gallery) and do the same with townies. When I already know what’s coming, I can make better decisions about what to keep and what to change.

Take a good look also at what we already have

Now that you’ve seen the overall style for the new stuff (CAS, build/buy and also the world), go back to the base game and the packs you already own and start looking for things that will match Brindleton Bay and its coastal, chill vibe. I noticed there’s a lot of wood and also bright colors for objects (and now that I think about it, I could make an Inspiration Corner about this if it sounds like something you guys would like!), and then there are mostly neutral colors for CAS, with a warm feeling from all the layers. How can you match all of that with what you alrady have?

Build more starter homes

The same way I have “template sims”, I usually build “shell homes”, which are lots with the whole house structure but lacking all of the objects. Like I said before, it saves time to when the pack comes out I can go straight to the new items without having to waste time building.


Make room for pets

If you own a cat or a dog in real life, you know they take up a lot of space. Not only the pets themselves, but also toys, beds, places where they can go potty etc. This will definitely change the dynamics of our builds, because now we have to take that into consideration as well. If you’re not really building, but want to renovate your sims’ homes to receives their furry friends, keep in mind that you’re not only gonna change your sims’ couch or bed when the new pack is released, but also fill your homes with pet related objects.

Plan ahead the stories you’re going to tell

How will dogs and cats affect the way you plan your game? What are your sims going to do in the new world? Are you gonna try and run a clinic? These are questions that will not only guide some of the decisions you’ll be making creating sims and lots, but also will grant you a good amount of fun. The Sims is a creative tool, so everytime you get to let your imagination roam freely you’re playing the game right (not that there’s a wrong way to play The Sims, but you get my point).

Get distracted

We’ve been waiting for Cats & Dogs since August, so now the wait may not seem so bad, but it’s still a considerable amount of time we have to kill. So go check the new album releases for this week. Did you know Stranger Things’ new season is on Netflix? Have you tried Home Street yet?


Be productive

Well, let’s be realistic: You and I are not gonna get much done once this pack comes out, so we might as well get as much work done now before November 10th. Good luck with that!