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Editor’s Note:

Many thanks to Simserasera and Ines for giving me the inspiration for this post! Also, thanks to Sam Yu for letting me reference his post and doing the same for me! Last, but in no way least, thanks so much to everyone who reads my articles!! I love you guys!

Are you wondering, like many of our readers, how you could make your life so much easier and save money? Follow these top tips to save yourself some time!

Quick Meals Save Lives

The first thing that will improve the lives of all Sims around the world is quick meals. As mentioned in SMT’s recent post, QuickMeal Co. has recently added toddler meals for adults, meaning now even the most unskilled of Sims who get set on fire, (even when only making a salad), can enjoy a meal free of danger. Unfortunately, eating a bowl of cereal for every meal isn’t very filling, so be prepared to make several quick meals a day! At least they’re quicker than waiting for the chicken to be done, plus you have more time to sleep before the kids wake you up, yelling about a monster under the bed.


Save on Furniture

When you fancy buying furniture tied to a particular hobby, ask yourself this question: do you really need it in your house? There are plenty of places in your neighbourhood for you to play chess, for example, or to go swimming you could just head on over to the Bathe de Rill in Windenburg and you don’t have to pay a single penny. However, if you have a career as a Writer or in Social Media, you may need to invest in a computer in your home, just so you don’t have to travel to the library every day.

Vent to the Bartender

When you’re stressed out and you fancy going to the bar, make sure you vent to the bartender first. It’ll stop you from being so tense, and it means you don’t have to turn the hot water on later to have a bath. Venting = less money spent on gas for a bath. And if you manage to add some tears, you might even make the bartender feel sorry for you enough to get free drinks! And if not, it was worth a try.

Earn from Art

If, like many Sims out there, you are talented with a paintbrush, why not create paintings to sell? It’s a great way to earn money, and you’ll make yourself proud when you finally see one of your works of art in a gallery (if that’s what you’re going for). Either way, you can put your talent to good use while you wait for that promotion you’ve had your eye on for ages.


The World is your Gym

When you have been painting your way to wealthiness (or scrounging your way to pay the bills), keeping fit is the last thing that will be on your mind. Especially when you don’t want to pay to go to the gym! There are plenty of exercises you can do at home or outside, so you can go for a jog or do a few pushups to wind down and get fit, without even having to get dressed. (I would, however, advise against streaking in public).Even if the only problem is that you can’t be bothered to travel to the gym, you can always fit in some brief exercise before work.

The Magic Bin

Are you aware of the Magic Bin? Do you know of its wonders? This magical contraption gives you money for putting rubbish in it; it’s a money bin. It pays you to give it a load of rubbish, and you don’t even have to pay to cook the meal you put in there! Thanks to QuickMeal Co. you can have a bowl of cereal (which is free to make) that you can put in the bin to earn money. It’s absolutely ingenious!

That’s it for today, folks! I hope you find these life-saving tips useful, and that your life becomes so much easier. See you next time!