The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Brindleton Bay Live Stream Info/Q&A (RECAP)

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In today’s Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Brindleton Bay Live Stream, SimGurus provided info and answered questions about the expansion pack. Note that this live stream was only focused on the World, Build and Buy mode. Below are the previous overviews and stream recaps:

Previous Overviews: Create-a-Pet and Vet Clinic


Brindleton Bay/Build/Buy Info Bits/Q&A

• The stream kicked off with Gurus showing off one of the neighborhood of Brindleton Bay. Cavalier Cove as shown in the image below, is a coastal residential neighborhood that does not include any commercial venues by default. The neighborhood does come with some empty lots for players to build on.


• The Delgato Family (pre-made) lives in a Mansion in Cavalier Cove. Supria Delgato is seen on the box art of the Cats & Dogs, and she’s considered the “resident vet”. She is not a vet by default in the game, but her backstory suggests that is her dream. She already has been working on her Vet Skill. She stays at home and works on her Vet Skill via the crafting table, and hopes to one day purchase the Vet Clinic in Sable Square.

• The Delgato family consists of Supria, Justin, Pierce, Evee, and Pets Blue and Bartholomew.

• There are seven gnomes hidden in the Delgato residence.

• The original concept for Brindleton Bay was to represent the American Northeast (bay states like Maine). Cavalier Cove has a Gilmore Girls feel to it. They tried to find a balance between a northeast world and somewhere where Pets should live.

• The Octagonal Roofs shown in the image below are part of the features coming in the latest patch. The homes have a Colonial fees.


• They also showed off the new “Roof Angle Manipulation” tool that allows you to select SHIFT + C and have advanced curve tools for build mode.

• They then took the dog out for a walk. The options for walking are: Go for a Jog, Long Walk, Short Walk, and Medium Walk.

• Cavalier Cove was built to suit Dogs. There are tons of large spaces for Sims to walk their dogs in the neighborhood. You can also play Fetch on the beach, and Dogs can dig in different spots around the world. There’s even seaweed piles to roll around in.


• Dogs and Cats do not live as long as Sims. Turning off aging for your Sims will also turn it off for Pets. Expanding for Shortening Life Spans also ties Sims and Pets together.

• There’s a whistle Sims can use to call their Pets over to them.

• Scaring Pets will increase the Mischief Skill in Sims.

• Toddler can walk through the Doggy Doors.

• Butlers do take care of Pets.

• There is a boat in Cavalier Cove that takes Sims over to the lighthouse. Sims can visit the lighthouse from the exterior and also Woohoo in the lighthouse. There are boats available in many neighborhoods.

• There is a Museum on the Lighthouse Island that Sims can visit.

• Sims can “Go Here”, “Exercise”, “Go Upstairs”, “Woohoo With”, and “Try for Baby With”

• Pets can steal their food bowls and walk around with them. They will bring empty bowls and ask sims to feed them.


• If you have The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack installed, children and teens will gain responsibility when filling the food bowls, and cleaning the litter box.

• There is a 64×64 Lot in Cavalier Cove. The lot is occupied with a pre-built home.

• Cat Hangout Lot Trait was seen on a venue lot.

• Dogs can Swim in Pools. Cats cannot.

• Catarina (pre-made Sim) has 4 Cats: Doc, Cleo, Josie, and Bartholomew Jr.

• Pets can only die from Old Age.

• Pets will be taken away by Pet Services if you neglect them. You cannot get a pet back that has been taken from social services.

• There is a Wedding Arch in the world for Sims to get married with a view.

• You must have at least one Sim in a household to have Pets. No Pets only households.

• Cats can hop and jump around different areas including this dock area shown below.

• There are new food stalls in the game that serve a variety of food items. Once a Sim orders and eats any of the new recipes in the game, they will be able to then cook it at home for themselves.


The Daily Catch Food Stall: Bass, Catfish, Perch, Salmon, Tilapia, and Trout.

Second Food Stall: Popcorn Shrimp, Lobster Roll, and Seafood Chowder.

Third Food Stall: Spiced Sparkling Apple Juice, Coffee, Fish Tacos, Haddock Sandwich, and Hamburger.

• Sims and Pets can chase Seagulls. Use Chase Flock, Scare Flock, and Command to Chase Birds…(PET).

• Woohoo in the lighthouse bring special effects.

• Kittens and Puppies cannot climb stairs. They need to be carried.

• Door locks can be used to keep Pets inside a specific room or the home.

• You can adopt Pets via the cell phone and call adoption services. You can sell kittens and puppies as well. Hovering over the adoption panel on pets shows their Gender, Breed, Age, and whether or not they have been spayed/neutered. You can adopt multiple pets depending on how many household slots you have available.

• An NPC will show up with a crate containing the Pets so you can decide which pets you want to adopt. Once you select the “Adopt” option, the pet will be added to your household.

• There are no Secret Lots in the game.

• High relationships with Pets give Sims a special interaction for Sims to direct pets to be friendly or mean to others.


• Two small Pets can share a large Pet Pet.

• Brent and Brad (pre-made couple) has a bulldog.

• Pets have different sleeping poses.

• There is a special robot vacuum that has pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

• There is a special “Pet Graveyard” area in the special Lighthouse Island neighborhood. There you can find several ghost pets roaming around. There is a special ghost pet called Captain Witicker(?).

• Dog houses were not included so they could invest time in other features. You can build “rooms” and attach a dog door to get the “dog house feel”.

• There are other townies that have Pets in the game.

• Below is a map of the world that shows off the empty lots in the world.

• You will be able to take Pets to Sixam the Alien World.

• There are strays in the world, but only adult Pets. No Puppies and Kittens are stray by default in the world.


• You can bathe Dogs in a bathtub. Cats will only lick themselves clean and cannot be bathed.

• Pets run away if Sims do not feed them, or if Sims are mean to them. They will eventually come back home, and they come back even faster if you post an alert on social media. Pets have a chance of getting pregnant when they run away.

• There are no Family Trees for Pets.

• Dogs will sleep at the foot of the bed when they have the Loyal Trait. Dogs do not get into bed with Sims. Cats can get onto beds.

• You can train Pets using the following interactions: Shake, Heel, Speak, Sit.

• Pets Woohoo via a command from Sims. Relationship levels must be high. Pregnant Pets will yield a notification letting you know they are pregnant.


• You can make gourmet food for Pets and buy them from the new food stalls.

• Pets can dig up Mysterious Boxes and other gifts. Pre-Assembled Model Stunt was in the box shown on the stream.

• Collectibles were mentioned…see here for info.

• Dogs can pick up balls and toys and place them into a toy box.

• The scale down cheat was shown. See here for info.

The remainder of the stream was showing off different objects from the game. You can check out all the icons here, and see below for random screenshots of the objects placed in the world.

New Lot Traits: Breeding Ground, Cat Friendly, Cat Hangout, Dog Friendly, Dog Hangout, Training Ground.

• Sims who train pets will learn the new Training Skill.

• Pets cannot join or be part of Clubs from Get Together.