Pepper’s Adventure in Space

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Another successful mission for Astronaut Edwin Luna, and another unexpected surprise!

Another Journey In Space

Edwin looks up at the night sky

Just months after Luna’s first mission and he’s already back from another trip, this time to a planet further out; Ieria. This snowy planet, while having an atmosphere suitable for Sims, seemed deserted, according to the Astronaut.

“It was beautiful. I know I say that a lot but really, it was! The snowy landscape was something out of a movie. It was quite different to Xecrara, since rather than being sandy, it was all rock covered in snow and ice. There were a few icy caves I explored, and just seeing the almost-crystalised ice was a wonderful experience. I even fancied skiing too, since the area I landed on was mountanious. I certainly have to go back again!” – Mr Edwin Luna


Pepper Came Along Too

Mr Edwin Luna and Pepper back home

We all know how loyal our adorable little doggies can be. But will your pup travel beyond the Earth to be by your side? Astronaut Edwin Luna’s dog, Pepper, did exactly that!

“After a little wondering around and playing in the snow, I heard a little sneeze. You can imagine how strange that would have been, what with me being on a different planet and all…well I followed the direction of it and there was Pepper, covered in alien snow and barking happily! I thought I was going crazy since there was no way she was really there. She jumped on me and wanted snuggles and it was then that I realised she must have stowed away on the rocket! I knew she was a loyal dog but I never expected her to come to the ends of the Earth and beyond with me. In the end I had to put her back in the rocket with the seatbelt so she didn’t go anywhere. It was great knowing she was there though –  I never felt lonely on that mission with Pepper there with me.” – Mr Edwin Luna

Would your pets do the same thing for you? Maybe Pepper knew just how much she’d miss her owner so decided to go along with him! What do you think was in Pepper’s mind when the little dog had hopped on board the rocket?