Buildems Blocks Play Table: Fun for the Whole Family!

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Do you find that your Sims aren’t spending enough bonding time with their young ones? Are they tired of watching the same old kids programs on that tiny little penguin TV so they can keep their kids happy? Well look no further. The Buildems Blocks Play Table has you covered!

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack includes this play table that is perfect for any family to use. It is available in buy mode for §320, and has a fun level of 6. It is available in five different variations of color, and is able to be used by anyone aged toddler or older.


Description: Buildems Blocks and feet are natural enemies. Much pain occurs when the two meet. The Buildems Blocks Play Table solves this problem by providing an elevated place surface to construct your Buildems Blocks play sets.

Any Sim aged child or older can use the Build interaction on the play table. Up to four Sims may build at the table at the same time, reducing the time it takes to complete, and allowing the Sims to socialize with each other while constructing. That means if you want your family to spend some bonding time together, this is the perfect object to use!

While building with others, a child Sim may receive the Bonding Over Blocks or Construction Collaboration moodlet that provides a Happy +1 buff for three hours.


Description: The joy of completing a masterpiece with others!

Once building is finished, a barn, castle, space station, house, or store front will have been built. Toddlers and children can play with the finished product to fill up their fun meter. Toddlers in particular are able to increase their imagination skill by interacting with the blocks.

While playing with the built blocks, toddlers will use any random toy available from the toy box to play with the set. Children, on the other hand, will tend to use toys that are appropriate for the theme of the set, such as playing with a dragon toy to go with the castle build, or playing with a horse toy to go with the barn build.

And just like with building, four Sims can play at the table at the same time, which is perfect for younger Sims to bond with each other!


And once you are all done with playing, you can clear the table and start building all over again! So if you have a family of Sims that you want to keep close together, using the Buildems Blocks Play Table can be fun for the everyone!