The Sims 4: Seasons Patch Cheats (FIX)

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UPDATE: SimGuruGrant tweeted out that they are looking into fixing the cheats issue, and they expect to have a patch out very soon to fix issues. TwistedMexi has reached out to Grant to more info.

Hey guys, TwistedMexi here. I just wanted to add some additional information on what I found regarding the broken cheats. You can find the fix download and original post by SimsVIP below this.

The short of it is, I don’t think this change was a bug but rather an intentional “fix” to cheats we were never supposed to have. So to elaborate on my patreon post,  Every cheat in the sims 4 code has a category it belongs to: Live, Cheat, Automation, Debug.

When you enter a command, the category is checked and the code determines whether that cheat is allowed based on a few conditions.

  • Live has no restrictions and works as soon as you load up the game.
  • Cheat is only allowed when testingcheats is turned on.
  • Automation was meant to only work in a maxis environment where a “bot” automates all player input for QA/testing purposes.
  • Debug cheats are only allowed when the game is started in a special debug mode, which normally only maxis would have.

So before seasons, “Automation” category cheats (Like skill cheats) were accidentally grouped in with “Cheat” level and were enabled when you put testingcheats true. This let players use many cheats that Maxis never intended for us to have. The code for this is below:

The circled line shows that if command_type (number) is greater than or equal to Automation (3) and cheats_enabled (testingcheats true) then it allows the command.

When pets showed up though, there was a new type of cheat category called “ReallyAutomation” as seen below. This prevented the toggle_selectable_pets cheat from working with testingcheats true. It shows they were toying with actually preventing automation cheats from being accessed by players.

This is saying if its greater or equal to ReallyAutomation (2) AND greater or equal to Automation (3) then the cheat is allowed. Because it must be greater or equal to both of these, it will never run anything below Automation and anything flagged as ReallyAutomation is denied.

As of Seasons patch, the ReallyAutomation is now gone, and the toggle_selectable_pets cheat has been changed to the Automation category, implying they now know that Automation cheats are properly blocked. Below is the code as of post-season patch

The circled line shows that the previous logic has been replaced with a true check for the Automation environment, if Automation_mode isn’t turned on, then automation cheats will no longer be allowed.

So you can see that it’s a single line of code that was changed and set to prevent us from using any of the Automation cheats. If this was truly an accident, it should have been a very quick fix to get cheats back up and running. The fact that they haven’t fixed this as of yet makes me wonder if they intend to at all. Perhaps they’re planning to offer new, more limited versions of the cheats? Personally I hope they just undo the change and allow automation cheats to be accessed without my mod as they were before.

I certainly welcome any response from Maxis regarding this, I think the community could use an official stance regarding these changes to the cheats.

Below is SimsVIP’s post and my mod to fix the missing cheats.

As many of you know, the latest patch rendered many of our usual cheats useless. Thanks to the always awesome TwistedMexi, you can now download the FIX for any of the cheats that were broken. He also provides a quick explanation of what happen with them.


So I had some time to look at the post-seasons-patch code and honestly, I don’t see how these cheats are “bugged”, it was a very intentional change to which tiers of cheats are enabled.

You have 4 classifications of cheats:


Pre-seasons, Cheat and Automation were considered the same, and if you turned on testingcheats both types of cheats were enabled. Automation cheats were not meant for the public and many of those are the ones I released. Personally I think the amount of cheats would have been severely lacking had Automation cheats not been enabled by accident.

Post-seasons, Automation cheats are now blocked unless the game is truly in an automation mode (something devs have access to for testing)