Seasons is here! No longer perpetually stuck in Summertime, your Sims can finally enjoy splashing around in puddles and making snow angels! Say goodbye to the always blue skies of The Sims 4 – rain, snow and thunderstorms are here to stay!

Weather, beekeeping and flower-arranging aren’t the only new things to arrive with Seasons, however, the Expansion Pack also brought with it a ton of new Build and Buy Mode items. I’ve been playing around with the new objects available to show just a few of the ways you can make the most Build Mode in The Sims 4 Seasons!

1Log Cabin

One of the first things I noticed about Seasons is that the new windows, doors, and wall-coverings that come with this Expansion Pack all have a rustic feel to them. With lots of wood-tones and exposed stones, I was instantly reminded of the aesthetic of Granite Falls and was inspired to create a Log Cabin.

The Sims 4 Seasons comes with 2 new staircases, one of which has slats instead of real steps. This is a first for The Sims 4 and really opens up some new possibilities for building. Although not technically a ladder, it looks a whole lot more like one than any of the other staircases in Game, and is an object I’m really excited about. This staircase would look great in a loft build, a tiny house, or, as I’ve used it, as part as a mezzanine.


Mezzaines are really easy to build in the Sims 4 and look effective when done well. To build this particular mezzanine, I simply split the upper level of this house into two rooms and deleted the flooring of one of the rooms to create a double height space. I then replaced the separating wall with a fence and added in a staircase.

My favourite part of this build is the seating area at the front of the cabin. To create this I placed down a large piece of decking and built a room on top of the deck in the shape I wanted my seating area to be. I then deleted the ceiling, walls, and floor of this room to leave myself with a gap in the decking. I placed down some flooring on top of the exposed grass and added in sofas and a fire pit.

Because I wanted this section of the build to be somewhere my Sims could go to escape from the snow, I built a canopy over the seating area.  I love the idea of my Sims warming themselves by the fire whilst snow falls around them!


Builders are always ecstatic to see new beds in the Game, and Seasons definitely didn’t disappoint on this front! This Expansion Pack comes with three new beds (including a single canopy bed that I know will become a staple in my builds). I particularly like the way that the duvets on the new double beds look quilted and extra warm. This bed looks perfect for a chilly night in Granite Falls!

2Ice Rink 

I’m always really happy when an Expansion Pack, Game Pack, or Stuff Pack, comes with items that allow me to create a new kind of community lot for my Game. When I saw that the Sims team were introducing Ice Skating and Roller Blading to the Sims 4, I was thrilled and knew I had to create a whole build based around them.

For this article, I decided to build an Ice Rink but most of the tips I list here will apply to building a Roller Blading Rink too!


Before you start building an Ice Rink or Roller Blading Rink, I would recommend placing one of the rinks one your lot. This will give you a feel for how big your build needs to be, and how much space the rink itself is going to take up. Although there are 2 sizes of rinks, even the smallest one is pretty large, so I would advise building on a bigger lot. The one I chose was 30×40.

It can often be difficult to make the exterior of a large community build like this look fun and interesting. As this Ice Rink is essentially just one large rectangle (in order to accommodate for the size of the rink), I had to get creative with roofing and decorations to make the place look its best. I chose 3 different wall-coverings for the exterior walls and added some of the vertical light panels from Spa Day as well as a sign from Dine Out. I decided to go for a glass roof and used the advanced manipulation tools (for more information on using these check out our Roofing Guide) to reshape it, making it look like a wave.

Whilst I was creating this Rink, I found myself reaching time and time again for the objects from Bowling Night Stuff. Because this Stuff Pack came with a lot of commercial items in bright and fun colours, they fit well with this build. I found myself using the benches from Bowling Night Stuff throughout the rink and even placed in a couple of the empty, bowling-shoe racks around the place!


If you don’t fancy building an Ice or Roller Skating Rink, why not try your hand at creating something for one of the other activities that came with Seasons. It could be fun to build a beekeeping farm or to revamp your greenhouses or garden sheds with the new flower arranging station!

3Summery Backyard 

In The Sims 4 Seasons, there’s a whole host of new summer-themed outdoor activities for your Sims to take part in. With paddling pools and water balloons its easier than ever to create a fun-filled outdoor space for your Sims to enjoy.

As I wanted this backyard to feel summery, vibrant and exciting, I filled it to the brim with bright coloured objects. Luckily, all of the new sofas and chairs that came with Seasons have plenty of recolours and come in a variety of different colour-combinations. I used Seasons alongside Backyard Stuff and Perfect Patio to create this red and blue themed decking area. These three Packs work great together, especially if you’re revamping your Sims garden for Summer!


I also enjoyed adding in the new swing-set to this garden. It’s so nice to have another piece of play equipment in the Game and this one looks great next to the monkey bars and toddler slide!

As this backyard would have to function all year round, I wanted the summer-specific items to look temporary, as if they’d been set-up just in time for the good weather! The paddling pool has toys scattered around it, and the water balloon bucket is placed right next to the hose – as if my Sims had only just finished filling the balloons.

I also added a couple of yoga mats in the garden. Although they won’t function in this way in the Game, I like to imagine that they’re beach towels, placed outside for my Sims to sunbathe on!


4Modern Bathroom 

Surprisingly, this Expansion Pack brought with it a fair few modern-looking items. (Almost) exclusively using objects from Seasons I was able to create this modern bathroom that wouldn’t look out of place in the Fashion District of San Myshuno!

The shower, sink, toilet and bath that came with Seasons have to be some of my favourite in the Game and can be used to easily create an affluent and elegant looking bathroom.

I love the addition of greenery to this space! The wall of plants looks great behind the bath and adds some quirkiness to the room.


5Decorate for the Holidays 

You really wouldn’t be making the most of Build Mode in The Sims 4 Seasons if you didn’t use some of the new Holiday Decorations in your houses! Redecorating one of the rooms in your Sims’ home to suit a particular holiday can be a really fun task and is super easy considering the amount of décor items that came with this Expansion!

To create this Harvestfest themed dining room, I simply went to the Wall Decorations section of the Buy Mode Catalogue and filtered the objects by colour. Looking at only the red, yellow and orange items meant I was very easily able to select the perfect autumnal decorations just in time for the Holidays!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas and inspiration for building with The Sims 4 Seasons! Making the most of any Pack is all about playing around with what’s on offer and having fun with all the new options! Happy Building!



Click Here to Download the Log Cabin

Click Here Download the Ice Rink

Click Here to Download the Summery Backyard

Click Here to Download the Modern Bathroom

Click Here to Download the Harvestfest-Themed Dining Room