Conspiracy Theories: Planet Sixam is a Hoax

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The Sims is filled with suspicions of alien activity. From mysterious disappearances of alleged abductions in Strangetown from The Sims 2, to gossip about townies being aliens in disguise from The Sims 3, aliens have always been the center of some major rumors around the community.

Of course, though, aliens themselves in The Sims are, indeed, real. The Sims 2, 3, and 4 all have aliens as a playable life state and have special powers that make them unique from human sims. However, what if I told you that there is more hidden about aliens in The Sims 4 than what isn’t hidden about them?


Let’s go over what we do know first. Aliens came with the Get to Work expansion pack, and can be obtained straight from Create-a-Sim or by contacting them with a satellite dish by someone in the Science career. Sims can also be randomly abducted by aliens, and, if an abducted sim is male, he can end up pregnant with an alien baby.

Aliens have special powers, such as being able to analyze other sims and having the capability of transmutating collectables. And despite their distinct alien voices and unique appearances, they can go into a human disguise, allowing them to stay under the radar and trick townies into thinking that they are just normal, everyday sims.

Aliens apparently come from a faraway location called Planet Sixam, which is a secret lot that can only be accessed by a rocket ship that is upgraded to generate wormholes. On this foreign planet, it is pretty dark because of how far away from the sun it is, but it has glowing fauna all over its terrain to light up the way. It is a very rocky and unearthly location, including some collectibles and rocks to mine.


Planet Sixam is pretty cool-looking, to say the least. It is definitely distinct from other locations in the game, and it has a certain unearthly charm about it. But what if Sixam isn’t actually a different planet at all? What if it’s just something along the lines of a movie set?

It makes sense if you really think about it. There’s not too much on Sixam that makes it appear too different from the Sim worlds we have on Earth like Windenburg and Brindleton Bay except for the lighting and the scenery. Sure, there are some trees and mushrooms with abstract colors and designs, but similar vibrant plant life can be found in Willow Creek. And yes, there are a lot of rocks everywhere, but the same could be said about Oasis Springs. And after all, the gravity and atmosphere is exactly the same on Sixam as it is on Earth.

It is true that cellphone service is unavailable at Sixam, but we all know how unstable cellphone service can be even on Earth. And it is also true that vampires will not burn here because of the lack of sunlight, but a world with a lack of sunlight is not something unheard of in The Sims 4, such as with Forgotten Hollow’s long nighttime period.


So why would Sixam be fake like a movie set? And what is its purpose. Well, let’s take a look back at a previous conspiracy theory.

In a conspiracy theory from 2017, we talked about the possibility that the wealthy Landgraab family could actually be a family of aliens that control the government, living undercover as humans to observe earthly life. Well, Planet Sixam could all be part of a plot to divert attention away from them. And here’s why.

The Landgraab family knows that sims have some sort of obsession with alien life. Sims are constantly talking about extraterrestrial life, collecting tiny species from other planets, and observing the universe through giant telescopes. It seems like sims are always investigating about whether or not aliens exist.


If the Landgraabs are in fact aliens, this curiosity about faraway life forms is not good for them. With the right amount of ambition and technology, their cover could be blown. All it would take is one sim to find something suspicious about them to completely destroy their influence on human life. So, since it seems nearly impossible to get sims to forget about aliens, it seems like the next best thing to do would be to distract them.

How would this distraction work? By playing into sims’ interests. What do sims want? Aliens. And how could the Landgraabs give the public aliens without exposing their identities? By creating fictional aliens. Whenever a sim thinks of alien, they think of a bald creatures with large ears, pastel color skin, distinctive eyes, and high-tech outfits. But if we have learned anything from alien disguises, looks can be deceiving.

What if aliens don’t actually look like the way we think they look? What if aliens look just like humans, and their “disguises” are what they actually look like? Aliens might only look like stereotypical “aliens” because they aren’t real aliens… they are decoys created by the Landgraab family to make sims believe they have discovered what they wish to seek.


Ultimately, it seems possible that the Landgraab family created the facade of movie-like aliens existing just so the real, human-looking aliens wouldn’t be discovered. But it doesn’t just stop there.

It’s not enough just to see aliens for sims to feel satisfied with their extraterrestrial discoveries. They want to know where these occult creatures came from and what their origin planet is like. And that’s where Planet Sixam comes into play.

It could be possible that Planet Sixam is just an elaborate set somewhere on Earth that is used to trick curious sims into thinking they are on a different planet. It makes quite a bit of sense, too, since sims aren’t gone for any more than a few hours when they explore space. And do you really think that a rocket ship that small created in a short time span by no more than just a few sims can actually leave the atmosphere? After all, the Landgraabs could very well be rich enough to pull something like this off.


Everything that we think we know about aliens and where they come from could just be a giant hoax. No, aliens might not be these fictional-looking colorful creatures that have distinct features. Sure, they might have highly advanced technology and great levels or brilliance, but they might just be like every other sim, hiding in the crowd, doing the exact same thing everyone is else is doing, and observing human life in plain sight…