Community Spotlight: Brennachan (Builds & Challenges)

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Here to kick off SimsVIP’s August Community Spotlight is builder & challenge creator, Brennachan! In a brief introduction below, Brenna gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what she does in the community. Take it away Brenna!

Untitl12124124ed Sul Sul everyone! My name is Brenna but I go by Brennachan as my simming handle, as well as my nickname. Thank you so much SimsVIP for choosing me for a Community Spotlight. I am truly honored!


Some Things About Me: I love cats, lampworking glass beads, writing short stories, traveling, and cooking vegan dishes. I’m married to my best friend whom I met in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have traveled the world together seeing such diverse places as the pyramids in Egypt to Versailles in France.

The Sims and Me: I’ve been playing since Sims 1 first came out. I started sharing my builds and households in Sims 3 and then building, doing world makeovers, and creating challenges in Sims 4. I have created a series of Murkland Challenges to go with my post-apocalyptic makeover of Oasis Springs. I am currently working on a new project – which will include a makeover of Windenburg and an accompanying set of challenges.

Click the images below to download Brenna’s lots!


What I Like Most About the Sims: For me the best part of playing the sims in sharing my creations. All my builds and households are CC free as I find the challenge of working with in-game objects in new ways really exciting. Not only do I love to create my own builds and households, but I also love seeing what others are making for the community. It’s the artistic and supportive spirit of the simming community which continues to drive my own imagination.


Murkland Challenge:
Murkland: The Complete Set: