Community Spotlight: xSorcier (Builder)

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Here to kick off our November Community Spotlight is talented builder, xSorcier! In a brief introduction below, Levi gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about his work in the community. Take it away Levi!

Untitl12124124ed Hello there, I’m xSorcier! And by this time I have the pleasure to have all my Simmer friends calling me by my real name wich is Levi. I am a 32 years old Sims 4 (slow) Builder if I can say so myself, and I believe I’m most known by the amount of detail I add to my builds. And guess what? I most of my builds are built live on twitch.

I don’t even remember the exact time I started “playing” the sims anymore, but I’m quite sure it was around the year 2000 when the The Sims first came out. I do remember, me around my 14 years old and my 9 year old sister being on my dad’s PC, “playing” with one of the 3D programs he used to work with to design the kitchen to his clients, and I said to her: “I would really love to have a game were we could build and furnish our houses and then play with inside!” Now imagine how happy we both were when we realized that such game existed! Since that time I used to spend a lot of time building homes for my Sims, using ” klapaucius :! ” cheat, and when I was done with building I played for 2 hours maximum before I get bored and start a new house.


I kept “playing” the sims my way through all the evolution of the franchise and I’ve spent the most of my time with the Sims 3 where I finally started interacting with other simmers on the Sims forums and was able to create my own Sims 3 World “Cotes d’Ambonnay” using the amazing CAW feature and with the help of my amazing friend Reach Sims. Together we were able to combine all the Ep’s and store items to create a French Medieval World that was featured by EA and has now more than 12K downloads on the Sims 3 Exchange.

I am Portuguese and that was what made me come out to the Sims World so late! I always wanted to record videos and talk with other people, but I had to be better at English!

Back to present now! What do I do the most? I build in The Sims 4 and mostly live on twitch. I do have a young YouTube channel where I upload some Speed Builds and some Build Show Tour videos and I’ve recently embraced the CC creation world and I just uploaded my first set of Sims 4 objects recolors to my Tumblr. I have my head plenty of ideas for new sets to come and I’m doing my best to learn a few more and be able to deliver to you a few more CC goods in a near future. My twitch channel is my second home and I do try to make my viewers feel like they are at their home as well.


The reason why I’m mostly on twitch and less on YouTube uploading videos is exactly because of the interaction between me and my friends (viewers/followers/subscribers). I really love being able to chat with everyone while I build in the sims, I get to know what people love on my builds, what they would like to see, what they would like to have in their games, and we do have a lot of fun together chatting about all things both sims related and not sims related stuff! Thank you for reading!