Sims 4 Realm of Magic: List of Spells, Familiars, Perks, Curses, and Potions

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Below are complete lists of Spells (Practical, Mischief, and Untamed), Familiars, Spellcaster Perks and Curses, and a complete list of all Alchemy Potions available in the game.


List of Alchemy Potions

Required Rank
Good FortuneA potion to find helpful items while doing everyday activities.Turquoise and Valerian RootApprentice
Plentiful NeedsA potion to fulfill all of a Sim's needs.AppleApprentice
NauseaA potion to annoy an enemy and turn their stomach.Mandrake and Dirt FrogApprentice
Nimble MindA potion that will increase the speed your Sims gain skills.Parsley and Spotted Dirt FrogApprentice
Magical AuraA potion that will display a Sim's magical aura.Emerald and GoldfishApprentice
Alluring AuraA potion that makes those around the drinker more receptive to romantic conversation.Spotted Heart Frog, Cherry, and Valerian RootNeophyte
Emotional StabilityA potion to remove unnecessary emotional baggage.Obtainium and PotatoNeophyte
Perk PurgingA potion that allows a Spellcaster to choose different perks.Mandrake and Valerian RootAcolyte
Forced FriendshipA potion that unlocks the power of friendly conversation.Baconite, Potato, and SalmonAcolyte
Masterful InsultsA potion that unlocks the power of animosity.Fire Opal, Dragon Fruit, and FuriumAdept
RejuvenationA potion to allow a Sim to remain at their current age.Valerian Root, Alabaster, and LemonAdept
Curse CleansingA potion to remove all curses from a Sim.Apple, Citrine, Angelfish, and MandrakeAdept
ImmortalityA potion to prevent death from old age.Mandrake, Sage, Morcubus, and DiamondMaster
Transcendent CharmerA potion to unlock the power of romantic conversation.Ruby, Kissing Gourami, and RoseMaster
Prompt ResurrectionA Sim that drinks this potion will revive immediately if they die.Death Metal, Death Flower, and Zombie CarlMaster


Normal Effect
Hexed Effect
Good FortuneThe Sim receives a Happy "Luck of the Spellcaster" Moodlet, which will make them randomly gain ingredients or money from Experimenting on the Cauldron and performing other household interactions.The Sim receives an Embarrassed "Do You Feel Lucky?" moodlet, which which will make them more likely to fail at brewing Potions and performing other household interactions.
Plentiful NeedsThe Sim's needs completely fill, which gives them a Happy "Feeling Great" moodlet.The Sim's green needs lower to halfway full.
NauseaThe Sim becomes sick, which gives them an Uncomfortable "Poisoned" moodlet and makes them vomit.The Sim receives a Happy "Pretty Tasty" moodlet.
Nimble MindThe Sim receives a Confident "Skill Boost" moodlet, which makes it faster for them to gain skill points.The Sim receuves a bored "Uninspired" moodlet, which it makes it harder for them to gain skill points.
Magical AuraThe Sim receives a Happy "Magic Aura" moodlet, which gives them a yellow glow.The Sim receives an Embarrassed "Aura of Failure" moodlet, which gives them a yellow glow.
Alluring AuraThe Sim receives a Flirty "Pheromone Cloud" moodlet.The Sim receives an Embarrassed "Pheromone Cloud" moodlet.
Emotional StabilityThe Sim receives a Happy "Clear Minds" moodlet, and all other moodlets are removed.The Sim receives an "Emotional Overload" moodlet of every emotion all at once.
Perk PurgingThe Sim's mind becomes clear of previous teachings, which takes away all magic perks and refunds the Talent Points so different perks can be chosen.The Sim receives a Dazed "Perk Purging" moodlet.
Forced FriendshipThe Sim receives a Confident "Friendship Forever" moodlet, which makes it easier to perform successful social interactions.The Sim receives an uncomfortable "Forced Friendship" moodlet, which makes it hard to perform successful social interactions.
Masterful InsultsThe Sim receives an Angry "Insults at the Ready" moodlet, which makes it easier to perform successful mean interactions.The Sim receives a Happy "Insults at the Ready" moodlet, which makes it harder to perform successful mean interactions.
RejuvenationThe Sim will revert back to the first day of their life stage.The Sim will age to the final day of their life stage.
Curse CleansingThe Sim will be cured of all curses.The Sim will receive a random Curse.
ImmortalityThe Sim gains the Immortal trait, which makes it so they cannot die of Old Age.The Sim will receive a Tense "Ghastly Consequence" moodlet, which temporarily turns them into a Ghost.
Transcendent CharmerThe Sim receives a Flirty "Potion of Love" moodlet, which makes it easier to perform successful romantic interactions.The Sim receive a Confident "Power of Love" moodlet.
Prompt ResurrectionThe Sim receives a Confident "Death-Proof" moodlet, which makes it so they will be resurrected by the Grim Reaper if they die.The Sim will receive a Sad "Irredeemable" moodlet, which makes it so they will not be spared by the Grim Reaper if they die.

Spellcaster Perks

Required Rank
Knowledge is MagicSim reads and does computer research at a faster rate. These interactions also provide Magical experience over time. Neophyte
Blender ArmPotion crafting speed significantly increased.Neophyte
DischargeThis Sims now cast Discharge which empties Spellcaster Charge.Neophyte
Incredible ForagerThis sim now receives more items when harvesting magical ingredients in the magic realm. Neophyte
ExperimenterWhen experimenting and practicing, Sim gains experience faster with less failures.Neophyte
Mote HoundSim can now always see Magical Motes and collect them. Motes can be consumed for experience and minor, random motive boosts. Acolyte
Frugal CombinationChance on potion creation that all of the requires ingredients will not be used. Acolyte
Power ShuntCasting a spell now adds significantly less Spellcaster Charge. Acolyte
Insightful EyeResearch, experiment, and tome reading speeds are all greatly increased.Acolyte
Spellcaster SocialiteUnlock Magical social interactions with other Spellcasters that will provide some Spellcaster XP.Acolyte
Charge ControlAll Spellcaster Charge increases are reduced.Adept
A Little Extra ChemistryPotions crafted by this Sim are surprisingly tasty and have an additional small benefit triggered when the potion is consumed.Adept
Spectral ReachSims can now cast long distances (without having to move closer to the target). Also, Sims no longer know who cast the spell on them so they won't react negatively to you. Adept
Practiced PracticalityPractical Spells & Potions always succeed when Sim is in a Normal Spellcaster Charge range. Failure is greatly reduced in Charged and Overcharge states. Adept
Mischief MasterMischief Spells & Potions always succeed when Sim is in a Normal Spellcaster Charge range. Failure is greatly reduced in Charged and Overcharged states. Adept
Tame the UntameableUntamed Spells & Potions always succeed when Sim is in a Normal Spellcaster Charge range. Failure is greatly reduced in Charged and Overcharged states. Adept

HexproofSim is now protected from Curses. Master
Mix MasterExtra servings will be in the Cauldron each time a potion is successfully created. Master

Master CasterCasting Spells no longer fails when the Sim is in a normal Spellcaster Charge range, Backfires are greatly reduced in Charged and Overcharged states. Master
Natural MentorIncreased relationship and skill gains when training or experimenting with other Spellcasters. Master
Magical DiscountsSim recieves a 50% discount on all purchases from the market stalls in The Magic Realm. Master
Magical ResonanceWhile in The Magic Realm, the Sim is extremely powerful. They are protected by Death from Overload and can more freely Build Charge and Discharge their Spellcaster Charge levels. Also increased success chance of potion making, drinking and spellcasting. Virtuoso

Potent PotablesEffects on all potions are increased and/or last significantly longer. Sim can now Hex their Potions to have them always fail. Virtuoso

Master DuelistThis Sim has significantly increased chances of winning a duel and reaps better rewards from them. Virtuoso


Spellcaster Curses

Curse of Night WraithA Spectral Stalker is hunting you. But where are they now?! Good Luck trying to sleep.
Curse of Unwarranted HostilityFor some reason everyone just wants to be mean to you and even start fights with you.

Curse of Scrambled SpellsYou're losing control of your magic. Casting will sometimes have random powerful results.
Curse of RepulsivenessWhat a horrifying visage! This will cause terror and disgust in all nearby Sims. Socialization will be much harder.
Curse of Awkward EmbracesYou're just really into hugging and touching others now. It's too hard to resist. Awkward.
Curse of Uncontrollable ChargeYou now draw too much Magical Energy. All gains are increased.
Curse of the DuelistBe prepared to get into more duels! It's going to be a lot harder to win, and rewards won't be as good.
Curse of Infectious LaughterSometimes you just can't stop laughing; even in inappropriate situations and often times spread it to others.
Curse of Uncleansable StenchYou are eternally drenched in the smelliest of gym sweat constantly. Showering does nothing!




FairyBathed in pure energy it is nigh impossible to make out the true form of a fairy beyond its magical wings. One can feel when what can only be described as a slight spark when near.100Common
Sixam OwlThe preeminent symbol of magic and ancient knowledge. they have a strong connection to the moon and stoically follow their chosen spellcaster.100Common
RavenThe harbingers of prophecy and, some say, bad luck. Ravens are an ancient creature that remain steadfast alongside their favorite spellcasters.100Common
DragonRegal and powerful, this dragon should never be discounted based on its size. It is a formidable foe as well as a cherished companion.250Uncommon
BunnerflyThis interesting creature is an unexpected entity that defies normal boundaries and demands a closer inspection. Its true nature is unknown. 250Uncommon
GlowfrogBe warned o avoid the direct gaze of the glowfrog. They are usually quite mischievous characters although quite harmless when left to their own devices.250Uncommon
Hex DollDespite this familar being the mysterious and silent typeyou may still catch yourself whispering to them. "Do that voodoo that you do!"250Uncommon
Snub-Nosed Leaf BatA classic Spellcaster companion, bats have commonly been closely associated to magic users since the times of ancients.250Uncommon
PhoenixThe Phoenix is intimately familiar with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. From the ashes they arise and into the ashes they fall. so has it always been. 500Rare

SkullWhen you need a protector that ruely frightens your opponent consider the skull. It is hard not to be intimidated by this floating, haunting familiar. 500Rare
VelidThe Veild is a Voidcritter deep with knowledge of countless galaxies across space and time. No one really knows the true motivation of this critter, but that didn't stop one well known kids TV show from almost featuring the Veild as a main character.777Rare
CatRequires The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs ExpansionN/AN/A
DogRequires The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs ExpansionN/AN/A


Practical Magic Spells

Required Rank
ReparioFix a broken object, or make crafted objected higher quality.Apprentice
ScruberooMake something (or someone) squeaky clean. Apprentice
DeliciosoCreate a tasty meal out of thin air.Acolyte
FloralorialKeep your plants healthy and bug free.Acolyte
TransportalateMove instantly to another location, regardless of distance.Adept
CopyPastoTurn one small object into many.Adept
HerbioCreate a fully grown plant in even the most fallow of soils. Master
HomewardialReturn to The Magic Realm.Master
Rite of Ascension
Bestow the gift of magic to another Sim. Master - Learned via Special Interaction with Sage

Mischief Magic Spells

Required Rank
DespairioFill a Sim's mind with feelings of intense sadness.Apprentice
DeliriateReach into a Sim's head and scramble their thoughts.Apprentice
FurioConvince two Sims to argue and fight with each other.
InfatuateConvince two Sims to get romantic with each other.Acolyte
BurgliateAcquire something that doesn't belong to you.Adept
MorphiateTransform a hapless Sim into an inanimate object. Master

StrangeifyMake a Sim appear repulsive to everyone around them. Master - Learned via Special Interaction with Sage


Untamed Magic Spells

Required Rank
InferniateInstantly incinerate your target with the power of fire.Apprentice
ZipzapHarness electrical energy and give something a jolt.Apprentice
NecrocallSummon the dead from their final resting place.Acolyte
ChillioCreate a blast of cold air the freezes anyone it touches.Acolyte
MinionizeControl another Sim's mind and bend them to your will.Adept
DecursifyFree yourself from the effects of a magical curse. Adept
DedeathifyRestore a ghost to their original physical form.Master
DuplicatoCreate a perfect replica of yourself, for a time. Master - Learned via Special Interaction with Sage