The Sims 4 Stuff Pack: “Arts & Crafts” Wins Community Vote

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The Sims team has just announced that the winner of the “Create a Stuff Pack” vote is Arts & Crafts! This stuff pack will focus on content like Knitting, Sculpting, Glass Fabrication
Edible Art, Embroidering and more. The next vote starts December 23, 2019, and that vote will determine the art style for this theme.

Hey Simmers!

You cast your initial Stuff Pack votes and they’ve been tallied! IT’S HAPPENING! After an exciting week of voting on the overall theme and gameplay for the upcoming Community Stuff Pack we’re pleased to announce the 1st round results. Every election is determined by the people who show up and let us tell you – a tremendous number of Simmers are showing up to participate! Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for upcoming information around 2nd round voting dates where you’ll be determining the art style of the pack.



Theme ranking:
1) Arts & Crafts
2) Happy Haunts
3) Self-Care
4) Science & Technology
5) Fun-Tech

Gameplay ranking for the winning theme:
1) Knitting
2) Sculpting
3) Glass Fabrication
4) Edible Art
5) Embroidering

“Master Knitting Skill and teach others. Create sweaters, hats, gloves, and slippers for the whole family. Have your Sims purchase patterns to knit toys and stuffed animals. ”

Featured Image: Basket w/Knitting by Severinka