The Sims 4: Gurus Seek Feedback on Knitting Gameplay

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With the fourth community vote well underway, SimGurus are also looking for feedback from players with regard to knitting gameplay. This post from SimGuruConor lays out the many questions Maxis wants to get feedback on.

Q1: Crosspack! I’m planning on making Knitting compatible with things like Get to Work Retail Lots (including Mannequins!), Get Together’s Club Rules, and City LIving’s Yard Sale Table. What else would provide fun crosspack functionality? For example, should knitting provide Fame in some way?

Q2: If some “Crochet-Like” objects became craftable through Knitting, how would you personally feel? Happy? Enraged? Strong sense of ennui? We can’t guarantee unique animations for crocheting, but I’d like to still potentially provide them as a craftable object for players.

Q3: There’s a cool crafty desk floating around in concept art that you guys may have seen (49 – 52 in the object vote). What would knitting at one of these desks mean to you, if anything? Asking around the office, nobody knits at a desk, but I’m curious if anyone would find value if the new crafting desk tied in with knitting somehow.

Q4: I’d like Knitting to actually take some time to craft, something Sims can save for later and come back to. In your experience, how long have some of your knitting projects taken? I’ll try not to make it feel too grindy, but definitely longer than it takes to paint in our game.

Q5: If your Sim wanted to knit something, but they couldn’t find a place to sit, would you be okay with them standing up and knitting? Asking for a friend…

Q6: Along with the Mentor interaction, I’d like to include a proper “Teach to Knit” interaction. I’d love to have that moment where the Knitting Master granny teaches their grandchild how to knit. For those of you who experienced similar things, what was that experience like for you? I’m curious what people think this should look like – both animation and story wise.

Q7: I’d like to have some Etsy store-like gameplay, as well as donation gameplay with Knitting. For those of you who may have gone down those paths in real life, what were some interesting takeaways or stories you’d like to see represented?

Q8: Lets say a Sim is wearing an awful, itchy sweater that they’re wearing only because somebody gifted it for them. What kind of things would you like to see happen to them?

Q9: I need your best Knitting puns. Feed them to me.

Q10: This is my biggest question, so I saved it for last. Should the “Teach to Knit” interaction mentioned above be autonomous? While this might sound trivial, I feel this is very important for gameplay. I’m interested how people would feel about their level 10 knitter trying to spread their knitting knowledge on others. Let’s say you have someone in your family who is a level 10 knitter, if this interaction is autonomous the entire house is going to get a real deep dive into knitting, perhaps constantly.

What are your thoughts on potentially “story intrusive” interactions like this, would you be okay to find your family one day all high-level knitters through natural autonomy? Or should this only be user-directed, meaning on you have the ability to choose who gets schooled on knitting. I’d love to hear your thoughts about these sorts of things.

The early design process is a very fun time for me, and I hope I painted a picture of the sort of questions that get brought up during this development stage. Lemme know what you guys think!