The Best Star Wars Creations on The Gallery

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With the release of Star Wars™: Journey to Batuu just days away, it is the perfect time to download some player-created Star Wars creations from The Gallery. Here are some of the best simmer creations that you can find to add to your game.

Millennium Falcon

Created by: HatsyYT

Click Here for the Gallery Link

The Millennium Falcon is the iconic starship that appears in various Star Wars films. HatsyYT’s depiction of this spacecraft hovers off the ground and is equipped with various machines and devices inside.


Luke Skywalker’s Home

Created By: TomilynYT

Click Here for the Gallery Link

Luke Skywalker’s desert home is located on the Great Chott salt flat, but now you can bring it to any world in The Sims. TomilynYT replicated this structure inside and out, complete with the white dome, a crater, and even a robot.

Kylo Ren

Created By: StarWarsSims

Click Here for the Gallery Link

It’s the Jedi Killer himself, Kylo Ren. Download Kylo Ren from StarWarsSims and join the dark side.

Luke Skywalker

Created By: kamame92

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And speaking of Kylo Ren, why not download his uncle, too? User kamame92 created a young Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for you to add to your game.

Teen’s Star Wars Bedroom

Created By: JDarW

Click Here for the Gallery Link

This creation isn’t exactly based off of one particular thing from the Star Wars franchise, but it’s perfect for any Star Wars geek. This room is the ultimate teenage Star Wars room, complete with cool Sci-Fi objects and a waving Yoda in the corner.


Star Wars Restaurant ATAT

Created By: Daniel_SimFansDE

Click Here for the Gallery Link

The AT-AT, or All Terrain Armored Transport, is an Imperial Walker used by the Galactic Empire and the First Order. Daniel_SimsFanDE created one in The Sims, but it is renovated as a modern restaurant and lounge.

Coruscant – Star Wars

Created By: paulmoyo

Click Here for the Gallery Link

Coruscant is the Imperial Center of the Galactic Empire, and paulmoyo recreated a breathtaking fraction of its cosmopolitan glory.