How to Get a Droid in The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu

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The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu introduces robot companions to the game called Droids. Sims can use droids to help them with missions, play music, and provide some company. There are two types of Droids that your Sim can have: R Units and BB Units.

Although both types of droids have the same functions, R Units are larger and boxed, while BB Units are smaller and rounded. Droids will follow Sims around with the “Follow Protocol” option activated, but Sims can only have one droid follow them at a time.


To get their very own Droid, Sims will need go to the First Order District and visit the Droid Depot, which is owned and operated by Mubo. Droids are the main attraction, but Sims can also purchase Scrap Metal (75 Galactic Credits), the DJ R-3X Stereo (350 Galactic Credits), Toy R Units (100 Galactic Credits), Toy BB Units (100 Galactic Credits), and all three types of Droid Personality Chips (175 Galactic Credits).

For the cost of 1,000 Galactic Credits and 10 Scrap Metal, Sims can Order Custom BB Units or R Units. When choosing this option at Droid Depot, Sims will be able to select a variety of a custom heads and bodies for their droids. From this screen droids can also be named.

❗ There are a total of 10 head and 7 body selections for BB Droid Units, and there are 12 head and 16 body selections for R Droid Units. 


Once a Sim has purchased their proffered Droid, it’s time to interact! Sims can Chat with them to build a relationship, unlocking new social interactions along the way, they can also tinker with the Droid, which allows them to increase their Handiness skill, and they can also act as a portable radio by playing music from the new Batuu and DJ R-3X radios stations.

Sometimes a Droid will break down, which will require them to be repaired. Be careful…a Droid might accidentally shock your Sim!

When activated, Sims can engage Droids with the following different Protocols:

  • Activate — The Droid becomes active.
  • Deactivate — The Droid deactivates itself.
  • Put in Inventory — This option is only available when Droids are deactivated. It allows Sims to take them along without the use of the follow protocol.
  • Turn On/Off — This allows Sims to listen to the Batuu and DJ R-3X radios stations.
  • Chat — This options gives Sims a variety of socials to interact with their Droids.
  • Rename — This option allows Sims to rename their Droids.
  • Droid Maintenance — This option unlocks various maintenance updates.
  • Wait Protocol — The Droid will stay in place.
  • Follow Protocol — The Droid will follow your Sim.
  • Engage Shock Protocol — The Droid will shock itself and break down in front of the Sim that your Sim selects.
  • Engage Distract Protocol — The Droid will act up and distract nearby Sims.
  • Use Droid to Override Locks — The Droid will scan the Supply Crate your Sim selects and unlock it.

In addition to the options above, Sims can perform various maintenance upgrades to their Droids through the “Droid Maintenance” option. Keep in mind that a Handiness Skill Level of at least 3 is required to perform these upgrades. Sims who are completing missions will have great use of their upgraded Droids.

  • Pilot Droid Upgrades
    • Computer Integration Chip (Requires a Handiness Skill of 3 and 5 Scrap Metal) — Increases success chance of Explore interactions on Starfighters.
    • Interstellar Navigation Schematics (Requires a Handiness Skill of 5 and 10 Scrap Metal) — Unlocks the Explore interaction on Starfighters and Reduced cooldown of Explore interactions.
  • Protocol Droid Upgrades
    • Aural Sensor Translator (Requires a Handiness Skill of 3 and 5 Scrap Metal) — Better Social outcomes when your Droid is nearby.
    • Personality Matrix (Requires a Handiness Skill of 5 and 10 Scrap Metal) — Unlocks additional socials between your Sim and their Droid.
  • Scout Droid Upgrades
    • Integrated Surveillance Processor (Requires a Handiness Skill of 3 and 5 Scrap Metal) — Better chance of success when the Droid is interacting with control panels.
    • Physics Processor (Requires a Handiness Skill of 5 and 10 Scrap Metal) — Increase the distraction range and duration.
  • Replace Personality Chips
    • Scoundrel, Resistance, and First Order Chips give the Droid a new voice and personality. There are two personality chips per faction.

Once you have reached Rank 3 of a Batuuan faction, you can purchase Droid Personality Chips for 175 Galactic Credits each. When a Personality Chip is replaced on a Droid, it will change its voice and personality.

The following Personality Chips are available for purchase with the appropriate faction rank:

  • First Order Personality Chip FO-1 (Must be at least a Trooper – Rank 3 with the First Order)
  • First Order Personality Chip FO-2 (Must be at least a Trooper – Rank 3 with the First Order)
  • Resistance Personality Chip R-01 (Must be at least a Lieutenant – Rank 3 with the Resistance)
  • Resistance Personality Chip R-02 (Must be at least a Lieutenant – Rank 3 with the Resistance)
  • Scoundrel Personality Chip S-01 (Must be at least a Rogue – Rank 3 with the Scoundrels)
  • Scoundrel Personality Chip S-02 (Must be at least a Rogue – Rank 3 with the Scoundrels)